Monday 24 August 2015

During studying

Okay, so it's fair to say that it's hard to keep you desk clean during studying.

Don't I know it. Am there, doing that cause I'm in the middle of retakes right now. My mom hates the fact that my desk is loaded with papers, ballpoints and other things that actually don't need to be on my desk.

here's a list of what's on my desk :p let's see how much is on yours too!

1) black ballpoint
2) blue ballpoint
3) red ballpoint
4) yellow marker
5) n°2 pencil
6) pencil case
7) pink marker
8) the cours I have to study

and now the things that I actually don't need :p
9) scissors
10) phone
11) laptop
12) empty drink
13) empty cup
14) agenda
15) camera
16) bracelets
17) 4 pencil cases with markers and stuff
18) portable dvd player
19) audio speakers I can hook up to my phone & mp3
20) nail vile
21) phone case
22) newspaper
23) papers that have nothing to do with my course
24) pencil sharpener (although, can come in handy sometimes
25) cookies
26) plane made out of isomo

so, what's on your desk?

PS: sorry for the delay, the real blogpost (collab thuesday will be for another time)

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