Thursday 8 October 2015

top 10 from my latest vacation!
Hy guys!
At the beginning of this year I posted a blogpost called "my favorite photos of 2014". And I was thinking of doing the same thing again but now with my favorites from my last vacation in France.
So, here they are!
1) Festival d’Avignon 

2) Camargue - one of my best friends @siensalabiem​ :)

3) Camargue - Horse from our boat trip.

4) Camargue - The lighthouse of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

5) Graveson - The saxophonist of Orchestre Sébastien Echeverria

6) Graveson - One of the dancers of Orchestre Sébastien Echeverria 

7) Graveson - The guitarist(and one of my friends) of Orchestre Sébastien Echeverria 

8) Frigolet - a candle in the church

9) Jardin Aquatique 

10) Les Baux - @siensalabiem​ again ;) 

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