Friday 9 December 2016

Blogmas day 9

hy guys!

Because I'm sick (hooray! --' ) I found it the perfect time to write 5 things down to do while sick during winter time :)

1) Facebook talks
-> If you aren't too sick, go on facebook, invite a few (old) friends in a conversation and start talking. Be sure to choose people you haven't heard of in a while so you can hear new things and talk about the past weeks/months/years =) ... also, be sure to ask them what they are doing for the holidays!

2) Movie night
-> Checklist =

  • great movie
  • friends/family or just an extra pile of pillows
  • a pile of pillows
  • tea/hot coco (depends on how sick you are)/ water
  • blanket
  • snacks 
3) The lazy night
-> again a checklist :)
  • favorite music on repeat
  • good book or something like that
  • a drink 
  • blanket
  • Christmas tree
  • snack
4) Serie Marathon
-> If you're still in the same home as your mom and dad, you will need headphones and a laptop but put a great serie on like the ones I told you on day 4 of this blogmas :) 

5) Crafting
-> Make something that makes you happy, colour in your coloring book, just make sure it's something YOU like!


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