Thursday 2 February 2017

Let's go to futuristic London, shall we?

And to quote one of my first book reviews of last year, "The year has just started and I think I found one of my top 5 books of the year already". 

The last saturday of 2016, New Years Eve, I got a book titled "A Thousand Pieces of you" by Claudia Gray. (Thanks to my friends :) ) ... And before you go: oh she got a book, shocker.... I am someone who loves to read but have a very weird taste in books. But they've chosen very well... very well indeed because I started reading the following day and only needed two nights to finish it XD


If someone would ask me what my favourite book genres are I would answer: "something romantic, fantasy, love triangle -ish but in a great place on earth that is preferably visitable...

And that book has it all. But really EVERYTHING....(well, except for that "visiting places part' but more of that later :p )

If you're going to read the book: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!

Update on the 12th of January: I just bought book 2. XD Where's the third one??? 

For those who continue reading this, WELCOME and enjoy this!
Let me know if you guys ( if you read the book already) thought the same things and what your favorite moments in the story were. And if you haven’t read the book but are planning to, after reading this blogpost, what changed your mind? Tell me! I really wanna know

Finally, I want to say that this won’t be a boring book report but an insight (in case you haven’t realized) in what I felt when I read the book and what my favorite moments were

About the book itself

The cover is very colorful and I like the fact that it shows the cities that you visit alongside Marguerite. It isn't that different from other languages so that's a good thing too.
(English cover)

(Dutch cover)

The Story=  ( This next part won’t be straightforward ( sorry to all my teachers :p ) but a concurrence(? I don’t know if this is the right word) of all my thoughts and feelings… sorry about that! )

I always liked authors who made up a whole new world with new things but also with things you can relate to in our own world... Like for ex. Harry Potter. We all love the whole new world with the magic, the fantastic beasts, Hogwarts,.... but the fun thing about Harry Potter is that Rowling kept a 'normal' part. The normal life in Privet Drive, the visit to the zoo,...(well okay, without the "falling through the window of the snake cage" - part XD) those parts keep us wondering if it would ever happen to us, if we would ever get our letter to Hogwarts...

But, making up a 'new world' isn't always that easy. Over the past years I didn't like the Divergent series. I was too young probably and I just couldn't relate to it. But over these past couple of months I've watched the 3 films that are out now and I've fallen in love with them! ( and a bit with Theo too but that's a story for another time XD)

My favorite moments in the book (not in that order)

The love triangle. I mean, COME ON #goals XD (okay, maybe not...)

* Marguerite. I really like this heroine... Probably because I can see a lot of myself in her.

* The Firebird.. I always have to think about Felix (hp) when I hear this name... And a bit of that            medallion Tessa has in The Infernal Devices.

* Theo and his affection towards Marguerite . He sounds like the perfect guy for me too XD (really,      he's that bit nerdy but not too much.. ugh, you guys know what I mean)

* Marguerite's first trip to London. I love London in general and I loved the fact that I could follow        her through the city in my head.

* Russia. Just WOW.

* The flashbacks. They explain a lot but still have a lot of story in them too.. I know that isn't making     any sense but just read the book.

* The fact that I have no idea who Marguerite will choose at the end of the bookseries (I know I've        already read the second book but I'm even more confused now XD)

* Aunt Susannah's apartment & when Marguerite brings Theo "home" :p I was like: who is this              woman and where can I get one? XD

* The bad guy in the book, Conley... I'm still not sure if I should hate hime or love the character... or      both

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