Thursday 13 April 2017

Job Decisions!

The one thing all students look forward to. Or not? Because honestly, it’s quite scary!

Suddenly you’re dropped in the ‘real world’ and looking for a job isn’t easy. Let alone choosing which job you would like to have! (and as a plus has an average to great paycheck :p, great hours and a bonus in december) 

I can’t believe I’m quoting Twilight over this! XD 

Luckily we have Google and more than enough online tests to help us decide where we could fit in! Today Margo & I take one and give our very dedicated *Cough* reaction on every suggestion. Here you find the test in case you want to try for yourself:

Margo: (Student Social Cultural Work)
Arbirators, Mediators and Concillators
Personally, I can see myself doing this. Yeah, why not :) 

Philosophy and Religion Teachers, Postsecondary
You're kidding me right? I'm not Religious and I hate Philosophy.. But if I can teach the Greek and Roman Mythology, I'm in :D 

English/ Foreign Language and Literatur Teachers, Postsecondary
If it can be for people who are just learning those languages for fun after their working hours. Yes Please!

Political science Teachers, Postsecondary

Marriage and Family therapists
Maybe.. yes. 

Sociology Teachers, Postsecondary
To talk about Fish Bowls (inside joke ;) ) all day long? Nah... I think I'm good XD

Mental Health Counselors
No. Just no. 

Equal Opportunity, Representatives and Officers
Yes, maybe :) That would be a cool job I think... 

Talent Directors
YES PLEASE!!!! This would be my dream job!!! :) I'm already finding talent on youtube that no one has discovered yet. And I hate it when people say : "hey, look who I've discovered!" 5 years after you actually found them and became a fan. And actually take the credit for it. 

Shannona: (working as a Payroll Administrator for almost 1 year)

Human Resources Assistants, except Payroll & timekeeping.
This makes so much sense…it’s almost painful (notice the EXCEPT part?) 

Patient representatives.
Okay, that sounds interesting, defending someone’s rights, but first I might want to learn how to defend someone.

Training en development specialists.
Sounds torturous…for the people that will follow said training.

Let’s skip this one, not starting that study.

Arbitrators, mediators & conciliators.
Not really something I’m looking forward for.

Budget analysts.
Possibly, though it shouldn’t come to close to sales!

Law teachers, postsecondary.

Public relations specialists.
Somehow I think this will not work out well

Labor relations specialists.
Is an option but I know these relationships aren’t easy to work with!

No. just no. I’m really starting to doubt this test now! :P


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