Thursday 25 January 2018

My To Do List for 2018

Hy guys!

I thought it would be fun to share a little to do list with you guys this week :)
I'm sorry I didn't upload a blogpost last week but I was really, really busy and just couldn't find the time to write a decent one.

So, I give you my To Do List of 2018!

1) Get a new Twitter Bio on my personal account. I'm getting tired of seeing the same one every single day. I need a new twitter bio! Hit me up if you wanna help :)

2) Do Blogposts for Eurovision 2018, starting next month with a top 5! :D There is, at this very moment, only one song known for 2018 and I LOVE it. I do think there will be an overall genre this year... but that's something for the blogpost in March when we know all the songs!

3) Start writing my christmas posts in summer. Cause seriously, I never manage to post them all on time so I really need to start writing those sooner. Maybe even now. Let me know what you wanna see!!!

4) Take awsome pictures and get a new program to edit them. I'm thinking of changing to photoshop or Lightroom.. still researching those two.

5) Read a lot of books. There are two books on my nightstand since the beginning of january. I haven't started one of them. #ShameonMe

6) Make more to do's.



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