Thursday 29 March 2018

My life in 20 Questions - Tag

Hy guys! 
As you are reading this I've probably just arrived on my vacation destination of this Easter holiday :p
I hope you enjoyed last weeks post about Eurovision.
Enjoy this post! 
1. Favourite colour?
Orange!!! Like a really cool sunset :D
2. Lucky number?
7. My old Volleyball Jersey was number 7 and I still go by it :)
3. Dream job?
A job where I don't have to do the same thing for weeks. I want a lot of variation in my dream job. 
4. Where do you see yourself living on your own?
I would love to live in London for a couple of months. If only to meet Joe Sugg, my favorite youtuber. Or just in Ghent, the town I did my first years of college at. 
5. Favourite way to travel?
By car. I actually hate planes but I like visiting far places. And I really want to go to NYC someday.
6. What do you like to do in your free time?
Read, play music, write blogs and watch series!
7. Favourite store?
8.From what band would you like to attend a concert?
I was thinking of going to Elton John here in Belgium but the tickets were a bit much :/ I do want to see him someday!
9. Favourite tea?
Moroccan tea
10. Do you collect something?
I collect those coins from famous places :) 
11. I can’t sleep without…
A pillow under my arm.
12. If you would get 1 million all for yourself, what would you do with it?
Go on a trip around the world!
13. Favourite brand?
ATM I'm thinking Acer. I got a great Acer laptop for Christmas last year and I love it.
14. Favourite snack?
Depends on the day. Either chocolate or an apple.
15. Favourite season?
Late Spring or early Fall. I do like Summer too but it can be a bit too much. 
16. Do you sleep with your door closed or open?
17. Why did you start blogging?
I was bored during my exams. 
18. Do you have a subscription to a magazine?
I don't. I had a subscription to a Teen Magazine when I was younger but that ended like 6 years ago.
19. What did you do last night at 00:00?
I was probably asleep by then. If not, reading!
20. Favourite perfume?
A perfume from Musée Des Arômes called "Soir d'Avril" (April Evening). I loved it.


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