Saturday 2 April 2022

I did a Bridgerton Book Marathon.... And this is how that went.

I need sleep.

Like now. 

I don't know when the last time was I did something like this. I can't say I actually have done something like this. 


That's 8 Bridgertonbooks, back to back, one each day. And no, I didn't start with the first one.

Welcome, to my Bridgerton Book Marathon. 

The Viscount who loved me

The viscount who loved me (Dutch)
As per usual, I did it my own way. I started with the second book! Why? Because I'd already read the first one. Why last week? Because season two of Bridgerton was about to air on Netflix and I really wanted to finish the book in time. Big mistake when I look back on it now. Big, big mistake....

Well not so big I hated the season but so big I missed a lot of things. Like the real fear Kate has of storms. Or the fact that Anthony and Edwina actually weren't engaged in the first place. (I did love the twist the writers gave but it was like watching Breaking dawn pt2 all over again. - If you don't know what I'm talking about, read the books, watch the films after. You'll understand) 

Final scoring: 9.5/10 

An offer from a Gentleman

An Offer from a Gentleman (Dutch)
Less than 24h after Anthony's story, I finished Benedicts! And omg, I have to say, Ben has superassed Anthony as my favorite Bridgerton brother. Not that hard, seeing he's an artist and all that, I feel very connected to his thinking. 

How it went with the sleep deprivation this second day? Good I thought... untill I read my instagram post about this book the next morning. Djeez, I was glad I was able to change it up a bit because it was BAD. 

So yes, I'm really looking forward to season 3 of Bridgerton and am very, very curious about who they've casted as Miss Sophia. 

Final scoring: 11/10 

Romancing mister Bridgerton

Penelope and Colin. The lovestory we all felt coming from a mile away. Although, I did. 

Romancing mister Bridgerton (Dutch)
The charming (but not so simple minded) Colin had to make up for the statements he made in the past books. Or so I thought. I remember at the beginning of book one ( the duke and I), I really liked Colin. I liked his casting too, it was a pleasure to know he was the young bridgerton who his sisters best friend was in love with. But after that it went - in my eyes - south very fast. He did not think of her that way (I mean, what brother does of his sisters best friend in the first place) but he didn't have the audacity to even think about the posibility (in the beginning that is). And that's why I started to dislike him in the first place.

Penelope was like a mirror of myself. I understood why she like Colin, why her mother acted the way she did, how it felt                                                                   to see everyone around her getting married but not her. To not get any suitors...

Unfortunately for me, none of my friends have brothers I find attractive, damned! 

Sleep deprivity? YES. The post was a mess. But the book was a hit.

Final scoring: 10/10 

To Sir Philip with Love

To Sir Philip with Love (Dutch)

Eloise. My favorite Bridgerton sibling. The sister I never had but feels like I've known all my life! You wicked little thing. 

I wish I had the courage (or the suitor for that matter) to do what she did. Flee the house to get to know a man. Who would have thought that Eloise Bridgerton would get married before Penelope. She didn't, that's a fact. I was so glad Philip wasn't the old guy I thought he would be and I'm curious to see who he will be played by. And the twins. OMG the twins! I can't wait to see them in action tormenting El. 

The deduction I gave from a 10/10 (cause adore El) was for the writingstyle of the author. I felt like I read the four same lovestories in the past four days but with two different players. 

I wasn't that tired when I wrote the instagram post for this one but it still was way past midnight when I finished.

Final scoring: 9.5/10 

When he was Wicked

When he was wicked (Dutch)

And just as I thought El would be my favorite Bridgerton of all times, Francesca came into the picture. Finally not your simple lovestory. She lost her first husband. His nephew was IN LOVE with her but she didn't know. She lost her first child, had a lot of heartbreak but she still found love in the arms of her best friend and now husband Michael.

I'm glad they didn't went down on that same lovestory again. This one was different. This one had a lot more "loss" in it. I could really feel the heartbreak and I even wept at the end. They can change up the story of Frannie all they want in her Netflix debut. But if I'm not crying by the end of S06 ep8, something is not right.

So yes, Frannie passed Eloise with her story. For sure. 

I finished this book in a little over eight hours. A lot faster than the other ones but it was mean to be.

Final scoring: 12/10 

It's in his kiss

Well... Francesca was good for a day. But Hyacinth's story took the throne less than 5 minutes ago. Waw. A thrilling novel, no doubts about that! I literally screamed at my book multiple times. The suspence was almost killing me. I loved it!

But I've asked myself the following question (with, keep in mind, one Bridgerton left to read); "Will one of them, for god sake, get married when they're supposed to? Or at least not try to change the wedding date because they did the deed? Okay, I get the whole "there shouldn't be a baby concieved before marriage" thing. But it can't be that not even one Bridgertons couldn't keep their hands to themselves until the wedding day.  So, Gregory, all hope on you. 

And for Hy's story. I really hope they either wait or are on time with filming season 7 so Florence Hunt can have her moment. Nothing more fun than to see the character you learned to love over the past seasons fall in love and get married. (and have an amazing adventure during her season) 

Final scoring: 13/10 

On the way to the wedding

Oh my word. The last Bridgerton sibling is finished. And what a story. I was like "oh, okay, the woman he loves is already engaged to be married. She will say yes at the altar and they will live happily ever after" during that first chapter. I was wrong. I was so very wrong. 

I was in uterly shock (like mouth wide open for at least 10 minutes) when I read about the why. But I also have to say, I immediately understood it couldn't be right and someone was left our or changed a very important detail. I was right on that part at least. The book turned from a great love story into a real James Bond movie. One that almost didn't have a happy ending after all. Did you really have to do this to us Julia? Really? First the joy, laughter and then BANG, it could al go south from here very, very quick. And, spoiler alert, thank god it didn't. Because I wouldn't have been able to deal with that just yet. It would have been a great move, a book with a sad ending for a change. But not after seven with a happy one. 

So yeah, Gregory Bridgerton. He may not have the wealth of Anthony, the skill of Benedict or the travel bug like Colin but he is a Bridgerton for 110%. I can't wait to see season 8 if it ever will air. Cause it will be a good one, that's for sure.

I have one book left tomorrow on this Bridgerton Book Marathon. I have no idea what to expect but I'm excited to find out!

Final scoring: 11/10 

Happily Ever after

Also know as the end of my Bridgerton book marathon. It has been a wild ride! Not one book has scored less than 9.5/10 and my favourite brother and sister has changed after every book. 

Currently my top four for both are (from top to bottom) : 

Brothers : Benedict, Gregory, Anthony, Colin

Sisters: Eloise/Hyacinth, Francesca, Daphne

But back to the book, a collection of all the epilogues from the last books and a new story, about Violet and Edmund. How they met, their wedding, how he died,... I cried after Hyacinth was born. It was just heartbreaking to know she would never know her father but her sisters were willing to tell her all about him. I'm even tearing up now I'm thinking about it again. It was a lovely ending to this whole series. 

For the final scoring, I give a 9/10. Not because I didn't like it as much as the others but because I realise I enjoyed Anthony's story a bit more than I thought and he actually deserved more than a 9.5/10 last week. But still. I think it's save to say this series has conquered a place in my heart! 

So thank you, Julia Quinn, for taking my sleep from me this past week. It was worth it and I would gladly do it again if I had the chance to forget all the stories so I could experience them a second time. 

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