Sunday 15 May 2016

Belgium 12 Points!

Hy guys!

So, yesterday we finished 10th in the Eurovision Song Contest. I must say, I'm not happy that Ukrain won. They, in my opinion, did not deserve it! (But again, that's my opinion.)
Laura ( super goed gedaan meid!!!! We zijn apetrots!) did an amazing job but it, apparently, wasn't enough to get enough 12 points from the other country's.

At (almost) the end of the show Måns and Eva did a little "song" about what a winning song should have... So I did a little digging and I came up with our perfect candidate for next year!


It's a group of 6 friends from flanders. They write their own songs ( unless they are playing at a covernight) and were actually a schoolband before they took things to the next level. The songs are full of variety; From wild to PARTYYY songs to songs with many emotions and mysterious songs with amazing lyrics. (My personal favorite is Hey Jack) For those who want to know, their name is their own translation of the Dutch word "Vierkantswortel" (Vierkant = square / wortel = Carrot). It means Square Root in English.

According to Måns and Eva, a true Eurovision Song Contest Song should contain of the following elements:

1) a Powerfull majestic start like battlehorn 

2) drums with a hot guy/hot guys playing on them

3) Traditional (folk) Instrument

4) Violin

5) DJ

6) Look memorable

7) Song about Love, Peace, War, not too political with a key change near the end

8) special effects ( like a burning fake piano)

9) Catchy Song

10) Fireworks 

Elements 1,7 and 9 are elements about the song itself so that's up to Carrotsquare or the person(s) that write the song for Carrotsquare...

2) They have a drummer... A good looking one too. 

3) A Traditional Belgian instrument is the Saxophone. They have a saxophonist, an amazing saxophonist to be honest. And the saxophone is well known all over the world. And is known for being great in Eurovision history.

4) A Violin can be played on a piano.

5) A DJ will be the hardest part (because there are 6 of them already) but we always have special effects to cope with that #justfilmthedamndj

6) People in Suits are okay but people in suits with lights are memorable! They have to find THE costume ( SOS JANI) but I don't think it's that hard to find something that will suit them and still look amazing.

8) Special effects are always a must ( look at the stage they used this year: AMAZING!!!!) so, depending on the song they will bring, the background can show (for ex.) a story or pictures or something like that. And than we have the moving stage things and the elements they can use on stage. Mirrors are always cool.

10) Fireworks don't have to be at the finish but if you want to be remebered, USE THEM. A song is just not Eurovision worthy without fireworks or bright lights (that change colour). 

So, if you're not convinced we should consider them as our next candidate for Eurovision, listen to the songs on their Soundcloud page and tell me, honestly, how can you not like a voice like that? It's like the master himself, mister Jimi Hendrix has come back to life and Bruce Springsteen is joining him. 

Just saying

I hope you guys liked this piece and maybe, just maybe we will hear more from Carrotsquare in the future. 
Let's get those 12 points!


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