Thursday 30 March 2017

My reads of 2017!

Hy guys!

You've probably seen that my blog has changed a bit in lay-out in the past week :). If not, I have a good address for an Optician.
So look left :D

So, from now on I'm gonna share the book I'm currently reading with you guys. If you like it or not, that's up to you! 
If you want me to write a review on a book I've read or wanna know if it's a good book in general without the spoilers, just ask! :) 

I will be reading (mostly) the Dutch version of a book so don't judge me if you read something you don't understand because the character or something else has a different name in Dutch.

To the people who emailed me: I'm reading your books! Just give me some time. I'm getting there!

If you have an idea about a bookblog or if you want to write one yourself but you don't have the blog to do so, send me a message! :)


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