Wednesday 22 March 2017

Why, Why, Why?

Just had to write this down. I probably doesn't make sense at some points. Sorry. 

I remember writing a similar blogpost. The attacks in Brussels, Belgium just happend and I was just so angry with the society at that moment. Who, in his right mind, would do such a thing? I just couldn't wrap my head around that. 

And now it happend again. Okay, not in Belgium, but on the exact same day as last year. In a city that was spared from all this until now. 

The first thing I've heard on the news was: "Attack in London, People are stabbed, car crashed into a group, It's on westminster Bridge and at the Parliament."... Moments after that Twitter flooded in on my phone with reactions from Youtubers like Joe Sugg and Mark Ferris. And then it hit me. It's the same day like last year. And something has happend in London. 

London... My favorite city... That great town where I went last year with one of my best friends. The city I was planning to visit again with another friend this year or next year. And I'm going through with my plans. These attacks are not stopping me from living my life. I learned that last year. I'm sick of sitting at home, scared that something will happen. 

But things like this make people scared of going out of their houses, go on vacation with a plane or even take the train in a big trainstation with a lot of people. I agree, things like this are very scary but we can't let them determine our lives. We can't let the fear get to us!

And I know, it's easy for me to say. I'm at home, behind my laptop, watching the news in a very small town in Belgium. What do I know? And I don't know, I have no idea what people are going through. But hey, I do know that fear of losing someone, fear of not making it through a period of time is the worst. It's very hard to set that fear aside and go on with your life but we have to. 

We just have to....
#PrayForLondon people, #PrayForTheWorld 


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