Thursday 4 May 2017

Like Grandfather, Like Grandson

Hy guys!

A few of you asked me to do a bookreview on my latest read, No Man's Land by Simon Tolkien.

About the book itself

English cover

Dutch Cover

Both covers are, as you guys can see, very similar. I really like the art on the cover. The poppy representing the war, the soldiers representing the no man's land. It's a very thick book but it has only a bit more than 500 pages.

The Story=  ( This next part won’t be straightforward ( sorry to all my teachers :p ) but a concurrence(? I don’t know if this is the right word) of all my thoughts and feelings… sorry about that! 

When I was a bit younger, I really liked the books by JRR Tolkien. The hobbit, Lord of the Rings,.. where just amazing and just like Harry Potter they played a big part in my (reading life). 
Unlike his grandpa, Simon really used looooooooooooong sentences. And that was a part I found very difficult about this book. Further on I got used to it. And I even got the feeling those long sentences got a bit shorter by the end of the story.

The story itself was just my cup of tea. 

It was a lovestory with action and a great part of drama in between. It was a great story. Although I had the feeling (here comes an inside joke, don't bother understanding if you haven't seen the episode of the show ;) ) that the Legends (from DC's Legends of Tomorrow) could arrive every time Adam was in the trench. That would have been so funny XD 

I also liked the fact that the characters still where a bit open if you know what I mean. Simon gave them a lot of characteristic but we still had the possibility to fill in the rest of their life, appearance,... and that is one of the parts I really love about a good book.

My favorite moments in the book (not in that order)

  1. The first time Seaton came back home
  2. When Brice confronted Adam about looking at Miriam
  3. Cartwright, he made me think of a butler from another story but I can't remember which one.
  4. Adam's friendship with Rawdon
  5. Adam's mom (may she rest in peace) and her love for music.
  6. When Adam stood up to Madam Vale and told her he wanted tot marry Miriam
  7. The fact that Adam got the chance to study in a time like that
  8. The first football game
  9. Ernest who stood by Adam through thick and thin.
  10. (near) The ending of the book: Chapter 40...It was a very dramatic scene.

Happy reading ;)


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