Thursday 30 November 2017

Blogmas 2017: SCHEDULE

Hy guys! Blogmas is ALMOST here!

But today, I have still one blog to give you guys... And because tomorrow is the start of blogmas, I thought, why not give you guys an overview on what I'm going to write for blogmas 2017!

In random order, here are my blogs for blogmas 2017!

  1. Vloggers to follow for Vlogmas
  2. Favorite X-mas songs
  3. 3 wise of 2017
  4. Our letter to Santa
  5. Christmas Riddles
  6. X-mas actress invite
  7. Christmas Jokes
  8. 12 days of X-mas re-write
  9. X-mas party musicians invite
  10. Ways to a perfect x-mas dinner
  11. Dancing with the stars season 25: review
  12. X-mas party BV invite
  13. 10 ways to sent St. Nick back to spain
  14. What could go wrong X-mas edition
  15. top 10 pictures of 2017
  16. If I would be Santa
  17. Ultimate X-mas playlist
  18. X-mas actor invite
  19. Favorite X-mas album
  20. Top things to do over winter break
  21. Favorite snack
  22. If I would be an Elve
  23. X-mas party Youtuber invite
  24. X-mas party dancer invite

See you tomorrow!

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