Thursday 28 May 2015

Well, Hello Everyone

"...Ow shit, I should probably type a "Hello" "Hi" or "Hy Everyone" before I start my blog."

(enkel in het engels, sorry gasten! (duim nog altijd gebroken :( maar lees de post die vlak voor deze online is gekomen!!  )

This is one of the things bloggers all over the world struggle with when they start their first Blogpost. Even Vloggers (aka. Video Bloggers) have a signature "hello"....

Blogging, one of the things in my life I really enjoy doing every single week of my life.
A few friends of mine are blogging too and I really enjoy their blogs. And yes, I sometimes get ideas from them for my own blog :).. Writing my blogpost is becoming part of my life like my music did. I've made new friends because of it and I can write my feelings/ideas down in something like a diary... but a diary that everyone can read and maybe can help them with the same problems/ideas/blogs

I'm not going to write much more because, like I told you a week ago, I broke my thumb.
but here are a few of my favourite bloggers :
Sien, with who I did my blogpost last week :
Elke, the mommy-blogger :
Zoe Sugg :
Joe Sugg :
Joe and Zoƫ stopped blogging a while ago but they are Vloggers now
so here are a few of my favorite
Tyler Oakley :
Marcus Butler :
Jim Chapman :
Alfie Deyes :
Joe Sugg :
Zoe Sugg :

If you're going to watch one of them, say I've send you!!!!

PS: Book blog next week!!!

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