Monday 11 May 2015

What up peeps!

hy guys! (tzal int engels zijn vandaag, sorry! )

Just a quick update on what's going on these past months :p
So I've been posting blogposts every thursday for the past 4 months now on Tumblr and Blogspot... I've past 1500 views recently but I don't have any followers on blogspot yet ( And something weird happend recently. I got like 157 views in one day! ( most days are 20-30 views... so I don't know what happend XD)But if you want to check out my blog, that would be great! (PS: thanks to everyone who's following me on Tumblr ! YOU GUYS ROCK)

Last sunday I saw my favourite band again :D ..It's actually a group of friends but they are soooooooooooo good! They only do original ( okay, sometimes a cover) songs but their singer is AMAZING! he's like 17 but sounds like Bruce Springsteen. And even now he still has a long way to go.. I wonder what he will sound like in a few years. And their pianist texted me asking if I could take pictures next week. Of course I said yes! I actually will be paid to watch my favourite band for 2h.... YES!!!

Oh and I started a facebook page just for my pictures... but I post them on flickr too so just go and watch them there!

and last but not least... we (the youth ensemble I play in) is rehearsing for our WW1 concert on the 31st of May... We have one rehearsal left : it's going to be EPIC (I hope...) It's called "Letter of a friend" ( trailer :


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