Thursday 19 October 2017

Do's & Don'ts for Halloween : Weird edition

Hy guys!

It's almost Halloween so that means it's time to write a post that's Halloween themed! :)
Because I already did a "What could go wrong : Halloween edition" I thought it would be fun to do a "Do's and Don'ts of Halloween" ...but in a weird, twisted way :p

Do : Dress your child as Hannibal Lecter (mask and all): Peace and quiet!

Don't : Let your children eat all the candy they got trick or treating. Eat it yourself.

Do : Go trick or treating over 12 years old. It's fun and you will probably have the best night ever. #FreeSugarRush

Don't : Watch youtube tutorials. You always can do better yourself. Failing every time.

Do : Dress up as your Frenemy. Arguments with yourself are the best thing

Don't : Be creative. What's wrong with the old toilet paper roll mummy? #Everything

Do : Go ALL out. But really ALL out.

Don't :Regret celebrating Halloween. You'll always have next year ;)

Enjoy my weirdness :p


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