Friday 6 October 2017

The adaptation of Zoo into a series

I'm gonna say it like it is : FAIL.

Everyone who's been watching Zoo these past years but hasn't read the book(yet), consider yourselves lucky. It's a joke. I'm dead serious.


As you all know the book by James Patterson has been out since 2012, the series has been out since 2015. Because I knew the series had been based on a book I decided to read the book. As you all know, I really love reading so there's no shocker there. But man, was I wrong.

I'm not going to name every single detail of the book that's different from the show cause
1) that would take me a lot more time (like a day or 5)
2) We all know the following fact :

But it's a series soooo... Where are all the details??????? Okay, they can't get everything in but you would think that they would get the characters backgrounds correct, wouldn't you? 

I hear everyone think: BUT WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT THEN???? 

Well, let me tell you.

First up and actually the only thing that's wrong with it: our main man, Jackson. As the book describes it, Jackson lives in America, has a pet Chimpanzee and is an outcast with the professional and academic ecologists and biologists. He is, what I call, kind of a jerk too. 
On a trip to Botswana he survives an attack by male lions and saves the life of Chloe Tousignant. 
Back in America, he finds his (ex)girlfriend killed and partly eaten by his pet Chimp. Five years later, he has married Chloe and they even have a son Eli. 

Now the bit about saving Chloe from the lions and the fact he is an outcast with the ecologists and biologists is the part that made the series. The rest was left out.. maybe for the better and here's why :

In the book Jackson and Abe are seen as people who love to shoot animals, who like to go on a hunt now and then. Maybe for research, maybe not. But in the series, that wouldn't have been a good thing. A lot of people would have hated them if they were seen as hunters. And that iconic scene at the beginning wouldn't be in the show at all where they blast music to scare the animals and the hunters away would not have been so iconic, now would it?

And tbh, the book is just sooooooooooo boring if you, like me, have seen the series first. 

Don't read it...or do.


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