Saturday 8 March 2014

Just follow them and you'll be fine :D

Kurt Hugo Schneider (producer of music vids but a great pianist and singer)
Max Schneider ( they aren't brothers) (you maybe know him from the Nicelodeon original movie 'Rags' ? )
Sam Tsui ( auditioned for glee once, didn't get in, a shame I think)
Luke Conard ( great singer)
Landon Austin ( I ADORE his accent)
Peter Hollens ( for the more opera-like songs, he's amazing)
Jake Broido (more rap-like songs but he's a great singer)
Kimmi Smiles ( her accent is soooo great XD and she is a great singer tooo)
Dave Days ( amazing guy, great singer, more hip-hop but he does a lot of parodies and covers)
Megan Nicole ( she's great, especially when she sings with Max)
Alex G ( the girl with the same initials as my next one...)
Alex Goot ( great guy, great pianist and singer, plays some guitar too)
Tiffany Alvord ( she's a bit of a know it all but she sings great)
Lindsey Stirling ( doesn't sing but is a great violinist)
the salt lake pops ( an orchestra that does amazing covers)
Alex Boye ( African singer)
Gavin Supertramp ( also a music video producer, check him out for the coolest video's)
Chester See ( the greatest guy I found on youtube, he's an amazing singer, actor, funny, good looking ,..... )
Tyler ward ( great singer, has the cuddle factor of a giant teddy bear :p )
Against the current ( their singer, Chrissy Costanza has a great voice)
Corey Gray ( I think he has a unique voice, it's AMAZING)
The Mend ( an English boy band , more old-style but with great vocals)
Andy Lange ( great singer, sometimes sings with Chester :)  )
Cody longo ( maybe know to you as Eddie from hollywood Heights?)
King The Kid ( consists of David Michael Frank, Jose Mostajo and Ricky ficarelli ) all 3 of them have separate channels
PTX ( short for pentatonix, I really love this group, Scott is an amazing singer but the others are really, really great too)
R5 ( maybe ring a bell if I say 'Ross Lynch'?)
Jason Chen ( amazing azian singer)
matty B ( not really my favorite but he's not bad...)
The pianoguys ( do great covers piano-cello style :p )

The next guys/girl are not really singers but they are amazing in what they do :

Ryan Higa ( hilarious guy) (channel : NigaHiga)
D-Trix ( amazing Dancer, hilarious videos) (channel : TheDominicShow)
Matthias ( won Internet Icon Season 2, exeption of the not great singer part, he's great, does a lot of music video's) (channel : Matthias)
Joule Thief ( participate in Internet Icon Se 2, great guy, great vlogger) ( Channel : Joule Thief)
Bad Weather Films ( hilarious guys, make great videos , runner up in Internet Icon Se 2) (Channel : BadWeatherFilms)
Jacob and Josh Fu ( sing, do crazy video's ) ( channel : TheFu)
Justin James Hughes ( my personal Favourite, does hilarious video's) ( Channel JustinJamesHughes) ( Contestant in Internet Icon season 1)
Megan Batoon ( great girl, has some great video's too, also participated in Internet Icon Season 2) (channel : MeganBatoon)
The brothers Riedell ( Nick Sings ( ok, again exeption) and Chris is an actor, they won Internet Icon Season 1, they are GREAT, especially their self-made characters : The tulacatti Brothers) (channel : TheBrothersRiedell)
Will ( funny guy) (Channel : YellowPaco)
Andrew Garcia ( singer but mostly back-up for Chester) (channel : AnderwaGarcia)
The warp zone ( group of guys that do amazing covers and literal videos :p ) (channel : thewarpzone)
Internet Icon ( really amazing serie!!!!!)
Kevin Jumba ( funny ;p ) (channel : kevjumba)
The Slowmoguys ( gav and Dan are really great, love Gavin's accent :p he's cute XD ) ( Channel : theslowmoguys)
and last but not least, my personal favourite cute-accent guy :
Brett ( he's a vlogger) ( channel : TheBrettBall)