Thursday 19 April 2018

10 Series to watch this year!

Hy guys!

A collab today with Naomi about 10 series to watch this year :) I'm gonna give 5 series I'm watching right now, she's gonna give the same thing and then we react to each other's choices.

-- Click on CLICK HERE to watch the trailer ;) --

1) La To Vegas - CLICK HERE
N: YES! haha this looks really funny! Going to watch this abroad. Looks like a nice thing to watch after a long day.
2) Champions - CLICK HERE
N: Looks like a nice show but it's not triggering me enough to start watching.
3) Suits (now on season 7) - CLICK HERE (season 1)
N: I LOVE this show. The first time i watched it my expectations weren't that high. I just hadn't anything to watch at the moment. But it turned out really amazing. I love the character development, the storyline and the cast.
4) Chicago Fire (now on season 6) - CLICK HERE (season 1)
N: bought the dvd for my mom. She loves it. Watch this. Still on season 1.
5) Gevoel voor tumor - CLICK HERE (Dutch)
N: De trailer had ik eigenlijk nog niet gezien. Maar omg...mijn haar gaat gewoon rechtstaan (op een positieve manier). Iedereen is in contact gekomen met kanker, bij zichzelf of bij iemand anders. Het is en blijft een van de meest verschrikkelijke boodschappen die iemand te horen kan krijgen. Ik weet niet of ik het aan zou kunnen om de serie te kijken. Te confronterend? Ik weet het niet. Maar zeker op mijn to see list. Ooit eens in de toekomst.

1)Timeless CLICK HERE
M: On my to watch list!!! :D (Just waiting for other shows to go on break)
2) Alexa & Katie CLICK HERE
M: omg looks so fun!!! How did I not know about this????
3) Dynasty CLICK HERE
M: I started watching this but it's not my taste. I don't really like it.
5) DC's Legends of Tomorrow CLICK HERE
M: again; YES!!!!! :D

Thursday 12 April 2018

13 Reasons why...

...I am a Youtubeaholic!

Hy guys!
And welcome to another new segment on this blog: 13 reasons why!
In this segment I'm gonna give 13 reasons why I do something or am that type of person (if this makes no sense, I'm sorry.).

Well, as you all probably know, I'm a youtubeaholic. All my friends know this about me. If they send me a video from youtube, there's 95% chance I've already seen it. No, I haven't seen all videos on youtube yet (are you crazy???) but my friends have the same taste like I do in youtubers and video ideas.

So I thought it would be fun to give you guys 13 reasons why I am a youtubeaholic (aka, why I watch youtube all day long :) )

1) Curiosity 

I LOVE to see what other people do, what they think about, what their lives are all about these days. How they cope with stuff like losing a loved one, getting a kid,... How they celebrate a holiday, how they raise kids (ex: Anna & Jonathan. Also known as the Sacconejolys)

2) Subject

Youtube is a great subject to talk about. "Hey, have you seen the latest video of the Lucky Chops?" is a great way to start a conversation with other musicians.

3) Advice

There are some youtubers who give great advice. Sawyer Hartman for instance is one of them. In some videos he just sits down with you and gives the greatest advice.

4) Happy Thoughts

If you're on youtube from time to time, you probably have seen a few cat videos or the latest episode of mock the week. Or fails of the week. There's a section on youtube where you can find A LOT of funny videos to turn your from upside down.

5) Vacation

I love watching people like Louis Cole or Sam Evans who go on trips around the world. They visit a lot of places I would like to visit in my life. But they show you the real thing. Not the commercial part. So from their videos I get ideas for countries I would like to visit someday.

6) Cultures 

People like Louis, Sam, Sawyer and Raya Encheva visit a lot of different cultures too. Places like North-Korea are so different from our lives. From the videos they make I learn a lot about other cultures and I LOVE IT.

7) Musicals & Plays

Musicals like Newsies and Hamilton or a play like Hamlet are amazing. But not/never in our town. And so expensive. So, I use youtube to watch them. If you search for the right thing, you can find a lot on youtube! If it wasn't for youtube, I wouldn't have known my love for musicals.

8) Comedians

In that list with 'things you can find on youtube if you search for the right thing' are comedians also a thing. Russell Howard and Alan Carr are amazing comedians but also talkshow hosts like James Cordon and Jimmy Fallon have a place on this list. You can watch entire shows or just a little part over and over again.

Here's one of my favorites by Jack Whitehall about Robert Pattinson: 

9) Music

A lot of unknown musicians are on youtube. Or just people who made it in America and not here. For instance Colleen Ballinger would not be famous if it wasn't for youtube. Yeah, probably in America but not in Europe.

I, for instance,  wouldn't have known about Lin-Manuel Miranda, he has become an idol of mine in a very short time. That man is a genius...and has an amazing (rapping) voice too.
Here's his collab with Jordan Fisher:

10) Viral

Only the best videos go viral. But if they do they really GO VIRAL. Everyone will see it. Almost no exceptions. Youtube is a crazy place.

11) Nostalgic times

Series, songs, pictures in a video. A lot of them are nostalgic for people. For instance your first dance on your wedding 30 years ago: the song is old as time but probably on youtube. Intro's from Series are all on youtube. And a lot of "try not to sing along" videos. Just try those. You will fail.

12) Hotties

I have to admit, the first reason I ever watched youtube was because of the hot youtubers. Chester See, Sam Tsui, Max G Schneider, Joe Sugg,... MI-AUW.

13) It's the life you don't have.

Guys like Jake and Logan Paul have made it. They made it in life. They both have an amazing house, great cars, a dog or/and are in love. If you don't want to be like them, you're lying.

I really hope you guys will understand now why I watch a lot of youtube.
And maybe will try it too ;)