Thursday 27 April 2017

Get to know...

... Margo!

Hy guys! I hoped you liked the Ultimate Youtuber Guide from last week :D

Here's the start something I like to call a new series of blogposts! I found the "Get to know me" tag online and because there are 3 authors on this blog, I thought, why don't we all fill those questions in and post them here :D

Today I'm gonna start with this tag :D You guys probably know me a bit already but there's a lot I haven't talked about yet! So, here we go :D

The Questions:

Name: Margo 
Nicknames : Max, Marge
Birthday: 16th of August, 1995
Place of Birth : Roeselare
Star Sign : Leo
Occupation : Student

Hair colour : Brown/Bronze/a bit Blonde
Hair length : Shorter than I want it to be atm... Shoulderlength
Eye colour : Brown
Best feature : Eyes
Braces : I had braces in First/second grade in high school
Piercings : Earrings
Tattoos : Not yet :p 
Righty of Lefty : Rightyyyy

Best friend : Gaëlle
Award : euuuhmmm... Champions of 2009 (I think?) in regionals with my volleyball team
Sport : Tennis
Real Holiday : South of France, 1996
Concert : I went to by myself : Pentatonix...I played myself: a little concert with our Youth Ensemble back in 2007

Film : Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone
TV Show : Glee and about 50 others. ATM: Riverdale, The Originals & Baby Daddy
Colour : Orange
Song : ATM: Something just like this by the Chainsmokers & Coldplay. Always: Sound the Bugle by Bryan Adams (and Summer of 69)
Restaurant : Loka in Lichtervelde and Yammi Yammi Sushi in Ghent.
Store : Every bookshop ever made :p
Book : Always: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix...ATM: No man's land by Simon Tolkien
Magazine : Guido Magazine
Shoes : My white McGregor sneakers :D

Feeling: Okay I guess :p 
Single or Taken :Single...
Eating: The inside of my mouth! HUNGRY
Listening to :Hamilton Soundtrack
Thinking about : When I'm going to eat and if I could watch the frist episode of the next 4 of Zoo..
Watching : Facebook page
Wearing : All my clothes are from Yessica, shoes from Geox

FutureWant Children: Yes, one
Want to be married: Yes
Careers in mind :Music Teacher, Director, Social Cultural Worker
Where do you want to live : Here in my little town in the middle of West-Flanders.

Do you believe inGod: If there is more than one, yes.. Just like the Romans, Greek, Vikings....
Miracles : Yes!
Love at first sight : Definitely
Ghosts : sometimes... Depends on the place, time...
Aliens: I believe there is life out there somewhere but to call it Aliens....
Soul Mates: Yes!!! Still looking for mine....
Heaven: Probably... But I'd rather go to the underworld. 
Hell: See Heaven :p 
Kissing on the first date: Depends if he's someone I knew before or not. 
Yourself: Sometimes.. depends on what I'm doing.


Thursday 20 April 2017

The Ultimate Youtube Guide

I won't spoil anything. Just CLICK and let them tell or show you who they are! (And I really hope I didn't forget someone... )

PS: On the bottom you will find THE ULTIMATE YOUTUBE GUIDE that I made for my list :) ENJOY!

Kurt Hugo Schneider
Max Schneider 
Sam Tsui 
Luke Conard 
Landon Austin 
Peter Hollens 
Jake Broido 
Kimmi Smiles 
Dave Days 
Megan Nicole 
Alex G 
Alex Goot
Tiffany Alvord 
Lindsey Stirling 
The salt lake pops 
Alex Boye 
Chester See 
Tyler ward 
Against the current 
Corey Gray 
The Mend 
Andy Lange 
Cody longo 
Jason Chen 
matty B
The pianoguys 
Andrew Garcia 
The warp zone 
Future sunsets 
Gardiner sisters
Georgia Merry
Set It Off
Will and the People
Alexander di Leo
Conor Maynard
Nick Pitera
Todrick Hall
Tanner Patrick
Two worlds 
Anthem Lights
Evynne Hollens
Guillaume De Grieve
James Maslow
Madilyn Bailey
Mike Tompkins
Payson Lewis
Joey Graceffa
Christina Grimmie
Anth Melo
Arne Vanhaecke
Avi Kaplan
Brittany Underwood
Chad Sugg
David Michael Frank
David Fowler
Derek Hough
Jonathan Young
Koala Commission
Lucky Chops
Malinda Kathleen Reese
Mark Ballas
Royal Tailor

The next guys/girls are not singers but Vloggers or have an amazing Channel! 

Ryan Higa
Joule Thief 
Bad Weather Films 
Jacob and Josh Fu 
Justin James Hughes
Megan Batoon
The brothers Riedell 
The Slowmoguys
Devin Supertramp 
Joe Sugg
Alfie Deyes
Caspar Lee
Zoë Sugg
Tanya Burr
Jim Chapman
Oli White
Marcus Butler
Niomi Smart
Mark Ferris
Jack Maynard
The Hillywood Show
Sawyer Hartman
Tyler Oakley
Anna Saccone
Bethany Mota
Bradlee Wannemacher
Braille Skateboarding
Doug Armstrong
Fun For Louis / Louis Cole
Guy Tang
Hallo Thibaut
Kandee Johnson
Mikey Pearce
Quentin Mcconathy
Raya Was Here
Saccone Joly's
Sam Evans
Sean Elliot OConnor
Tanner Braungardt
Tom Daley
Tristan Braungardt

Thursday 13 April 2017

Job Decisions!

The one thing all students look forward to. Or not? Because honestly, it’s quite scary!

Suddenly you’re dropped in the ‘real world’ and looking for a job isn’t easy. Let alone choosing which job you would like to have! (and as a plus has an average to great paycheck :p, great hours and a bonus in december) 

I can’t believe I’m quoting Twilight over this! XD 

Luckily we have Google and more than enough online tests to help us decide where we could fit in! Today Margo & I take one and give our very dedicated *Cough* reaction on every suggestion. Here you find the test in case you want to try for yourself:

Margo: (Student Social Cultural Work)
Arbirators, Mediators and Concillators
Personally, I can see myself doing this. Yeah, why not :) 

Philosophy and Religion Teachers, Postsecondary
You're kidding me right? I'm not Religious and I hate Philosophy.. But if I can teach the Greek and Roman Mythology, I'm in :D 

English/ Foreign Language and Literatur Teachers, Postsecondary
If it can be for people who are just learning those languages for fun after their working hours. Yes Please!

Political science Teachers, Postsecondary

Marriage and Family therapists
Maybe.. yes. 

Sociology Teachers, Postsecondary
To talk about Fish Bowls (inside joke ;) ) all day long? Nah... I think I'm good XD

Mental Health Counselors
No. Just no. 

Equal Opportunity, Representatives and Officers
Yes, maybe :) That would be a cool job I think... 

Talent Directors
YES PLEASE!!!! This would be my dream job!!! :) I'm already finding talent on youtube that no one has discovered yet. And I hate it when people say : "hey, look who I've discovered!" 5 years after you actually found them and became a fan. And actually take the credit for it. 

Shannona: (working as a Payroll Administrator for almost 1 year)

Human Resources Assistants, except Payroll & timekeeping.
This makes so much sense…it’s almost painful (notice the EXCEPT part?) 

Patient representatives.
Okay, that sounds interesting, defending someone’s rights, but first I might want to learn how to defend someone.

Training en development specialists.
Sounds torturous…for the people that will follow said training.

Let’s skip this one, not starting that study.

Arbitrators, mediators & conciliators.
Not really something I’m looking forward for.

Budget analysts.
Possibly, though it shouldn’t come to close to sales!

Law teachers, postsecondary.

Public relations specialists.
Somehow I think this will not work out well

Labor relations specialists.
Is an option but I know these relationships aren’t easy to work with!

No. just no. I’m really starting to doubt this test now! :P