Thursday 12 February 2015

10 things you do when you (actually) have to study ( posted on January 22nd, 2015)

Here are 10 things people ( and yes, me too!) do when they actually have to study :p 
1) Watch the latest episode(s) of your favorite show(s)
I don't know why but EVERY show has a mid-season finale in november-december and starts again in january. And then we just can't concentrate on our exams before we've seen the newest episode(s)! DUH 
2) Tweet all day long
To your best friend, to the radio, to the guy/girl you don't know, to that artist you really like.... and reply, favorite, retweet.... again and again and again :) 
3) View every Facebook and Instagram picture you have
well... If you watch one of them, you just HAVE to watch the rest.
4) Take selfies.. A LOT of selfies 
here are some tips :D
*Ditch the face : Footsie!!!!!
*Crop in Tight!
*In Water 
*Two-Handed Selfie
5) Listen to the latest cover your favorite artist just uploaded to youtube
Cause, just admit it, when you see it, you have to listen... and you're going to listen to it all week long! 
6) Play games on your computer
"I'm gonna play it one time and then I'm going to study again" ... Yeeeaaahhh.. Right
7) Draw silly things 
actually, not so bad ( if it's about the thing your studying) ... but we all love a Spongebob in our books :) 
8) Text everyone you know
About the weather, what you're going to eat later, what you have to study, where you can find that word in your book,  what you wanna do after your exams, what your mom just yelled about.. EVERYTHING ... 
9) Daydream
or the 'I just read this page 50 times and still have no clue what's on it' - phenomenon ... 
But yeah, you saw the birds outside and the neighbor mowing his lawn...
10) Sleep
Comfy Chair, not to warm, not to cold.... ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz

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