Thursday 26 February 2015

Itunes challenge?

Hey guys!

I want to try something new!
Every month I'm going to post lyrics from 7 songs that I really like ( or was addicted to that past month). But I'm only going to post a little part ( 1-2 sentences from that song) and it's up to you guys to try and figure out what the songs are and who the artist is. ;)

If you really want, you can get a shoutout on my Twitter or Tumblr when you get the 7 songs right!

Happy hunting :)

1) "Storming through the days, you know the night is just a phase."

2) "And if it's right, it's undeniable"

3) "I didn't bring the ladies but I brought my favorite friends"

4) "My soul it died in Armageddon"

5) "I want you on my team"

6) "The faintest glow, the lights alow"

7) "There was only one direction"

You guys have one week!

Untill next time :p



  1. 1) Will and the People - Trustworthy Rock
    2) Hero - Sterling Knight
    3) WHISTLE WHILE I WORK IT Chester See feat. Toby Turner
    4) Penthatonix - Natural Disaster
    5) pom poms Jonas Brothers
    6) Peter Hollens - Ashland's Song
    7) RIXTON - I Knew You Were Trouble