Thursday 12 February 2015

It's fair to say... (posted on January 15th, 2015)

...that I had a great first two weeks of January!!!! And yes, It has been 14 days!!! 
1) met some great people on Twitter, Facebook and Interpals
2) got my mom to buy me a pointlessblogtv beanie :D
3) peterhollens cheered me up when I was down ( again, thank you!)
4) my friends made me laugh A LOT!!! 
5) changed my twitterbio from ' #student & #saxophonist by day, #internet & #musicaddict by night. Ask me who to flw on #ytb for #music or #vlogs ! Infrequent YTber #Blogger #youtubeaholic ' TO ' #Saxophonist #musicaddict #youtubeaholic - My potential is unlimited cause Steve Lacy said so... '  because it was just to long
6) did my 'Photo top 10' of last year ( )
7) went to see the movie Brabançonne with our Fanfare and our "political" ""Enemies"" ( and yes, "" "" ( long story ( If you really wanna know, just ask!)) 
8) had a blast at the New Year reception last Friday ( and took some pictures too!) :D ( )
9) read the 'mortal instruments' series in a really weird order ( 1-5-6-2-3-4) 
10) started making smoothies! 
11) changed my header and profile picture on Facebook
12) changed my lay-out on Tumblr ( but still not quite there...)
13) started a SECRET PROJECT ( wich will take the whole year :) )
14) cleared my walls and pinboard ( time for some new posters and memos !)
15) enjoying that one crush .... 

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