Thursday 12 February 2015

The things that kept me going during midterms ( posted on January 29th, 2015)

Hy guys

so, last week I talked about the 10 things that people do when they actually have to study.( )
But now the exams are over (sorry for everyone who still has exams) and I started thinking about everything that kept me going. So I thought, hey, why not write a post about it? It's going to be a looooooong one ( don't say I didn't warn you!) 
The first thing that kept me going are actually two songs that brought a smile to my face ( and I sang along to EVERY TIME ) and gave me a little break from studying. One of them is "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson. I have 3 versions of this song on my Ipod ( the original, the one by Mike Tompkins and Max Schneider and the one by Two Worlds and Tyler Ward (links will be at the end) ) and I just love every one of them. They are so different and yet so, so good!
The other song is "I Will Dance" by (again) Two Worlds. Even before I knew they wrote it for a documentary ( link below ) called "I Will Dance", I loved it. It's just such a happy song . It makes me smile all day long ( see? ) . Now that I know what it actually stands for, I smile even more. ( just go check it out, I know you want to)

So, the next thing is something that not everyone will appreciate... Those of you who know joesugg (and especially his gaming channel) will know what I'm talking about... I hope....a few months ago, Joe started playing "The Last of Us" and I have to admit, I was hooked. So during exams, after a hard, long day of studying, Joe ( coincidentally or not) always uploaded a new part of the game... and watching him playing "The Last of Us" really took my mind of exams for a while. (and seriously, Sugglets, don't tell me his commentary isn't hilarious ( and you didn't love Ralph! (may he rest in peace )).

Next up, The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. I started reading them (again) right before Christmas and read them all twice this month XD. If you followed me this last month, you definitely saw the quotes.

Another thing are the days that the sun was shining !!!! That's a big deal in Belgium, trust me!!! I just love the blue sky and the fact it's actually freezing ( and I have to sit right next to my heater #toasty )

The next thing, or actually persons , and I think this counts for everyone, are my friends !!! I see you guys think, yes and next one is family, duh. But no...weirdly enough, for me, my friends are closer to me then my family... ok, my family knows more about me but only my friends know me, the "real" me... (does this make any sense ? ) .
But (most of) my friends had exams too so it was really nice to cheer each other up and say "C'Mon don't quit now, you can do this!" and things like it... ( yeah, I'm talking about you guys brianmusersiensalabiem , i-lidewei & namitjuh ..oh and about you peterhollens ) So a massive THANK YOU is in place here.

My second to last : sir Tom De Cock on the radio station named MNM... he's just one of the nicest radio hosts I know and he played the greatest songs between 4pm and 7pm. That's all there is to say...

Penultimate ( is that even a word? weird) Twitter!!!! and mainly the Hashtag #HoGent and the people behind the account "@hashtaghogent "... (HoGent is my school ) They always wished me luck when I tweeted about an exam and retweeted my tweets ( = Me Happy)

And last but not least, the Facebookpage : HoGent Confessions . it's just sooooo funny! you can send in whatever you like ( it doesn't have to be about school) and they post it anonymous...

That's it! So, I know, most of these won't be fitting for most of you guys, but tell me which were and what your things are that keep or kept you going during your midterms!!! Please, tell me! I'm interested!


Two worlds - I Will Dance =
Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk = 
Version of Max & Mike =
Version of Tyler & Two Worlds = 
Joe Sugg playing The Last of Us = 

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