Thursday 10 November 2016

The top 6 things...

...that could be Donald Trumps' horcruxes....(according to social media)

Hy guys!

So I thought about this long and hard an decided to do it anyway.
We all followed, heard and or saw the news yesterday so we all now that Donald Trump is elected the 45th president of the USA. I won't spill my personal believes here, nor will I say I agree with his election. But the past is in the past so we can't change that anymore.

A few months ago I was wasting my time on the internets when I saw a new # on Twitter called #TrumpsHorcruxes ... I am a big fan of Harry Potter so of course I clicked it and laughed a while with the ideas the people had :D and added a few of my own. Duh.

Flash forward today, I'm going to share some of those horcrux ideas with you guys ;)

For those who don't know :
A Horcrux is an object in which a Dark wizard or witch has hidden a fragment of his or her soul for the purpose of attaining immortality. (Like Lord Voldemort did with his soul 7 (or 8, depends if you count Quirrell) (and actually 6, depends if you see Harry as one too or not) times.) 

The 7 Trump Horcruxes

1) His Wig
-> Everyone agrees, his hair is a wig and that wig is definitely a horcrux. 

2) His Walk of Fame star ( already destroyed! )
-> It's hard to destroy, with a lot of people around to command. Perfect horcrux if you ask me.

3) His wife, Melania! 
-> She has to stay with him everywhere he goes... Now, tell me, my fellow potterheads, sounds familiar, doesn't it?

4) His red tie
-> This was the second Horcrux I was certain about. It just has to be! 

5) Trump Tower (or the first T of Trump tower)
-> Well... yeah, why not

6) I'm not sure about this one... It could be either his spray-tan bottle/machine or something from his childhood. Like that silver he had as a little kid.
Probably the spoon though...

and last but not least!
7) Hillary Clinton (Destroyed!) 
-> Just like Harry, Donald didn't know about this horcrux before he destroyed it last night. 

So... Only 5 more to go guys... 5 more

Happy Hunting!



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