Thursday 9 March 2017

Top 10 things...

...we're gonna miss about The Vampire Diaries.

It's happening. Tomorrow (or saturday for the people watching online) is the series finale of probably one of the most watched TV Series of the past 8 years.

I didn't follow the show in it's last season. No, I didn't stop but I've wanted to ( and have) binge-watched it these past days so I can end one of my favorite tv shows in glory <3

So, to honour this amazing show, here's my list of things I'm gonna miss about it

  1. First up, Damon & Stefan. Played by Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley. I'm stunned at how they both still look in their 20's. AMAZING. It's like they haven't aged a day ( duh, they're vampires.. but come on :p ). The brotherly chemistry they had on TVD was just so great.
  2. One scene I'm ALWAYS going to remember is this one :  and of course the song Cut by Plumb. 
  3. Ripper Stefan (I'm pretty sure Damon was in his ripper form 95% of the time.)
  4. Those freakingly hot leather jackets :p (and sixpacks) 
  5. The idea there's something like a prison world. I mean... come on :p 
  6. The Originals crossover, (well, it wasn't a crossover at that point but yeah, let's call it that.) because admit it, we all wanted Klaroline to happen.
  7. The love between Bonnie & Enzo. Soooooooooooooooooooooo cute. God my heart when he died :'(
  8. Every single time someone said: "that's not gonna happen".... It always did. It just ALWAYS did. 
  9. The moment EVERYONE realised they shipped Delena over Stelena. I think almost everyone knows that dance by heart right now. Definitely the second time :p 
  10. Two weddings. Both with an evil twist. First Kai, then Matt's mom. Well, it's TVD for a reason I guess. 
I could go on for a while I think but I'm gonna stop here. It was an amazing show and I'm really, really gonna miss it. So maybe, in a year or so I'm gonna binge-watch the whole thing again. Sleepover anyone? :D 


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