Thursday 20 July 2017

Are we on to something? - Our theory on Zoo Season 3

Hy guys!

As you all already know, I'm watching Zoo Season 3 this summer.. If not, go read my last blogpost!
If you are a new reader, welcome! Glad you joined us today :)

My friend Shannona is watching too and after the first three episodes we think we already figured out the biggest question of (the start of) this season.


The question:

A little recap for those of you who already forgotten the first 3 episodes and what has happend before them :

After last season we all were shocked by what happend to Mitch. What would happen next season? Is he dead? Did they kill one half of the second (and actually the most encouraged) "shipped" couple? Would he return? If so, how? And then we got that little epilogue. Clementine was all grown up and confronted Abe and Dariela with the fact that she believed Mitch was still alive and out there somewhere.

Fast forward to the beginning of season 3, we learned that he in fact WAS still "alive" in a watertank somewhere in Eastern Siberia. Or so we hoped.

Clem turned to Jamie for help after she went to abe and Dariela because she knew she wouldn't leave a chance to go and save Mitch from the people who were already on their way searching for him.
And as they thought about what they could do, if they should bring the team together and stuff like that, the group of people searching for Mitch actually found them.
The biggest shock of that episode? Clementine... or actually a girl saying she was Clem was with them.

We all were in shock after that first episode. Who on earth is the real Clem?
I (Margo) was pretty sure it was the one on the left for few days (the one who was with the group of people who found him)...
Until I started to think about it. Clementine wouldn't do things like that. She is the daughter of Mitch Morgan for crying out loud. So the other Clementine (down) was the real one for me before the start of the new episode. And I (Shannona) was doubting for quite some time because knowing 'Zoo', they'll try to keep you guessing. The one Clementine (down) acted a bit agressivly (pulling the gun on Abe,...) so first I thought she was the fake one. But then I remembered this is Mitch's daughter and she went through hell and back in her childchood, suddenly it didn't feel so strange anymore.

At the end of episode two (we already found out that the real Clementine was the one on the right) we got another big shock.
Not all humans were sterilised. Clem, in fact, was PREGNANT. And then the Fox got into the henhouse. TV Showtime, Twitter and the rest of the internet was swarmed with the question:

(and how the hell is she not sterilised?)

That second question got a simple answer. Back in the first season, Clem got the medication for her illness. A lot of the fan's assume that's the reason she didn't get sterilised.
A second idea is that her baby is a sort of human hybrid, made in a lab and she still is sterilised.
But let's go with that first idea, shall we?

Moving on, we have to ask he following question: HOW did she get pregnant?
As far as we know there are two options in our world at this moment.

1) Sex
2) IVF

Sex with a hybrid could actually be an option too but let's not get to SCI-FI, shall we? Cause, to be honest, that even sounds really painfull... just imagine it for a moment...

Okay? Now try to get that image out of your head.

But let's say she went for one of those two other options. Sex or IVF. Both have the same question: who is the daddy?

IVF sounds the most unlikely option of the two.
I (Margo) mean come on, what's the point in in getting IVF if you know that no one else is capable of getting children from that moment a few years ago when everyone got sterilised. Who on earth would do that? It's cruel for all those people around you. I (Shannona) believe that IVF isn't even an option anymore. Imagine that everyone is sterile, the first few years they'll try their utter best with IVF to try and get someone pregnant. But eventually they figure out it just can't be done, so they start closing the centers (just like the schools...).

So let us go with the first option and presume she had, in those past months, sex with a guy. Then Who's the guy?
Is it someone we know?
Will we ever know?
Is it a new character?
Shouldn't he be not sterilised too?
And best of all: What will Mitch Do? #WWMD :p I imagine he will go full on Rogue Mitch on the guy...and after that accept the fact he will be a grandfather.

Shannona and I were talking about this last saturday and we actually got to the same conclusion.
On messenger we agreed on saying who we thought was the father at the same moment.

Margo: I actually was thinking it would be a bit weird because of the age difference...
Shannona: And I've come to accept the weirdness on Zoo...we've seen worse XD

But we both gave one and the same name:

Shannona: This scene was the moment I was certain. Before that I already found it strange that Clemetine 'grew up' with Jamie AND Logan, but by now Logan wasn't anymore in Jamie's life (unless he can call her out for breaking the law...again)

Margo: I'm not sure that this scene gave me the idea or just the fact that "what if..." made me think about it when Jamie told Mitch that she and Logan raised Clem. (I read to much fanfiction. Sorry.)

But the way Logan reacted when seeing Clem just made us realise that he could be the baby daddy we are looking for.

I (Margo) wonder what the story behind their relationship is... And I (Shannona) am patiently waiting till we learn more. But for me, it's certain. Now, the last question: what's the baby going to look like?

Let's hope we will soon know who the father is and maybe get a bit of a backstory on how they got together. That would be really appreciated.

Maybe tomorrow! (or tonight for those of you who have the chance of watching is live. 

Enjoy the rest of your thursday! And remember, NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS ;)


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