Thursday 14 September 2017

Top 10 Fall Series

Hy guys!

Today I'm sharing 10 series (out of +-20) I'm excited for this fall :)
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Out of all the new and returing shows this fall I chose 5 new ones and 5 returning ones.
Keep in mind, the dates are from tv showtime so they are 1 day AFTER the show releases on tv!

First up, we have the 5 returning series :)

27/09 is the day The Mick returns with a second season. A great comedy show for those of you who like a good laugh! If you haven't seen it yet, watch THIS first!

29/09 The 6th season of Chicago Fire moves to thursdays now! By the looks of it, the trailer does NOT give us good news about the cliffhanger from last season. Oh boy. But this show nows how to go out with a bang since season 1!

3/10 Mothers hold on to your daughters (and the other way around!) cause the devil is back in town for season 3 of Lucifer! Everyone is in love with Tom Ellis since season 1.

10/10 - 11/10 - 11/10 & 13/10 The return of a few more series, I know, but all wit the same characters and the same idea of other dimensions. Ofcourse I'm talking about Supergirl (back for season 3!), The Flash (back for season 4!), Dc's legends of tomorrow (also back for season 3!) and Arrow (back for season 6!). I CANT WAIT FOR ANOTHER CROSS OVER :D

12/10 Riverdale will be back for a second season! This is gonna be gooooooooood

And now the 5 new series I'm excited for :D

11/09 The first new serie, The Orville, is already on air since this monday! I have no idea where it will go but I feel a crossover with the dc series :p #Martinisbrainwashedandstufflikethat #justanidea

19/09 Dancing with the stars is back for season 25 and finally made Alan a Pro!!! :D I'm so excited for him. And Mark Ballas is back with the best partner ever, Lindsey Stirling!

26/09 The Brave. As a big fan of hospital series I've watched The Night shift in a few weeks. And I really like the backgroundstory of that series. That's why I'm excited and curious for The Brave.

26/09 The Good Doctor. Again, big hospital series fan sooooo :p yeah.

12/10 A drama serie called Dynasty gets a new place in my week :p The remake of the old Dynasty series will be even better!

Hope you will enjoy these new series!


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