Saturday 19 December 2015

Blogmas day 19

Naming my 3 wise!

Hey guys! And welcome to (already) day 19 of Blogmas. This is just sick, only 5 days left of blogmas รถ 

So you all know the 3 wise from the bible. Today I want to name my 3 wise. 
No, not the people that gave me gifts when I was born, the three people that are most dear to me or mean something to me. 

And yes, this is a LOT harder than you think!

First of, we have Pleute, my cat :) She is my best friend and someone who actually knows my deepest secrets. She is just the best thing that ever happend in my life. 

My next wise is J.K. Rowling. The person who made me into who I am today with the HP books. They changed my life, I'm friends with a lot of potterheads and that is just amazing. We're all like a big family. 

My last wise is my dad. He is the one who introduced me to music and made me love books even more. 

Alright! CU guys 2mrw!!! 



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