Thursday 14 April 2016

Top 5...

...first videos of 5 youtubers I follow

Hy guys!

So today is another 'Top'.. Blog :) I really had to think what I could do for this one and, thanks to Alfie Deyes, I finally found it! I've chosen 5 of my favorite youtubers and I'm going to rank their first videos :)

Here. We. Go.

The Youtubers I've chosen are : Mark Ferris, Troye Sivan, Dave Days, Joe Sugg & The Hillywood Show

Upload date
Mark had his first video uploaded on the 5th of november in 2013
Troye had his frist video uploaded on the 14th of november in the year 2007
The Hillywood Show had their first video up on the 1st of december in 2006
Mister Dave Days had his frist video uploaded in 2007 on the 25th of august
And last but not least, Joe Sugg had his first video up on the 7th of august in 2012

Subscriber count today
Mark Ferris + 188.810
Troye Sivan  + 4.050.000
The Hillywood Show  +1.062.220
Dave Days + 1.602.660
Joe Sugg + 6.436.990
(noted on the 13th of may, 2016 at 8.30pm)

And now!
The first videos ever posted :D Ranked on what my reaction was to them!


Go say hi to all of them :D They are just amazing!


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