Thursday 24 September 2015

To live or not to live...


You know what the best thing is about studying in a place +-40km from your home town? No one who knows you. You can start fresh, be who you want to be and leave all your troubles at home. The other best thing about studying in college or Uni? Having new friends who don't know what you did in first grade or what embarrasing things happend to you back when you were in high school. You're a (like Aristoteles would say) a "Tabula Rasa" .. okay, you're not reborn or something but it's something similar to that experience. Am I right, Uni & College Guys & Gals? :)

Hy guys!

Wow, what an intro! Sorry about that. But yeah, it's the last thursday of the month so I thought about writing something from my own point of view.
It's my third year now in Ghent and I didn't regret one second about it! I JUST LOVE THIS PLACE. I'm finally free from the bullies in my old town and I have a lot of  new friends, friends for life actually... Friends that made me see things different. Friends that have other experiences of  life, other lifestyles, other things they like. I even met one of my best friends there. We share almost everything and I'm glad I have someone I can bother with stuff because I know she knows what I'm dealing with and always knows a sollution.

But yeah, Ghent is just one of the most busiest places I know, and the most fun too! There's always something to do and when there's nothing to do you just can chill and relax with friends in a café or at the Graslei. It's just a great town for students. And for people, like me, who are addicted to posting things on Instagram ( go follow me : az_sindriznarrvel) about the little quiet places or the things happening. For ex. yesterday. We ( my friend and I) had to go to the opening of the schoolyear and at the same time the 2Oth anniversary of our school. It was a bit boring ( because we thought it would be over by 4 pm so we had a lot of time to go to Student Kick-Off. But we were wrong. We finally got out of there by 6pm... but we both had about 4 pictures ready to go on Instagram by then. After that we went to get some food at the Wok Away and went to the Graslei to eat it. Again about 12 pics taken, a few ready to post on Instagram in the following days. Around 7.30 pm we finally got to Student Kick-off . And. We. Had. A. Blast! Yes, again 13 pics taken and ready to go on Instagram & Twitter ( yes we tweeted a lot last night, DUH).

Ghent is just the best place to take pictures and to live as a student. It has a lot of charmes, isn't scary at all ( okay, maybe a few spots but just avoid them) and is student friendly ( if you know where to look).

A few pics.. :

I'm just in Love.

There, that's of my chest :)
If you like it, leave a comment.. If you don't, well don't worry, next week it's a book post!


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