Thursday 26 November 2015

The winner takes it all...

Hy guys!

it's that time of month again... well actually, that was last week but I changed my ritual a bit because I was sooooo busy and because I wanted to do this blogpost with my friend the same week the event happend...

So, the winner takes it all! Ofcourse I'm talking about Dancing With The Stars! Bindi and Derek... man, just EPIC!!! I have to admit, they were my favorites throughout the whole season. Okay okay, Derek is my favorite pro but last season I rooted for Mark and Willow. So even though Derek is my favorite pro, I cheer for the couples I like best, not the pro.

I've asked my friend Shannona to do a collab with me ( again) on our favorite things in DWTS. We asked ourself these following questions and linked a youtubeclip to them.

But first we'll link our first collab on this season (minus the who's going to be on the season post)

For myself my top 3 shifted a bit
1) Derek and Bindi
2) Alexa and Mark
3) Nick and Sharna (instead of Carlos & Whitney)

I was a bit bumped that Keo was the first one to go home... I want to see more of him next season! He can dance, we all know that but he can teach too, just give him a young(er) person!

Hope you will enjoy it!
Leave a comment below!

1) The couple that was voted off too soon
S: Victor & Karina
M: For me : Mark and Alexa!

2) Favorite Dance
S: Carlos and Witney's Paso Doble during Halloween Night, because it was epic!

M: First I thought Bindi's contemporary but now I'm leaning towards Hayes and Emma's contemporary in Most Memorable Year. It was the first time I saw what Hayes was capable of... and okay, I'm a fan of Shawn Mendes and a sucker for contemporary.

3) Favorite move
S: Bindi and the rope during week 10 (Jazz Trio with Derek & Mark).

M: Bindi & Derek, Contemporary, Most memorable year. The flick (or whatever you wana call it) at 4.01.. just amazing!

4) Favorite Dance Style
S: Tango
M:Contemporary!!!!!! duh XD

5) Favorite dance in that style
S: Nick & Sharna' tango during the finale.

M: Mark & Alexa's Contemporary in week 9

6) Favorite Chemistry
S: Bindi & Derek ofcourse :D
M: hmmm hard one... probably Nick and Sharna... I think... yeah... Not really Chemistry chemistry but you get my point

7) Favorite Groupdance
S:  Halloween Night opening.
M:Team Nightmare.. that was one creepy groupdance... on my favorite "Nightmare before Christmas" song!

8) Favorite Freestyle
S: Bindi & Derek during the final.
M: Alek and Lindsay. That was one of the best dances, actually the best one I saw him dance in this season.

9) Favorite Triodance
S: Bindi, Derek & Mark (Jazz Trio) during week 10 (see Margo's link below)
M: Bindi, Derek and Mark. The epic duo has become an epic trio. End of story

10) Best Costume
S: Sharna as the bride of Frankenstein, during Halloween Night.
M: again, hard one! But I can't deny the fact that EVERY dance Mark has created the past 2 seasons have the best costumes I've ever seen!

Now that I have taken control of Margo's blog, I've one message for you all:
- Greetz Shannona ;) 

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