Thursday 5 November 2015

Flowers aren’t always what they seem

Hy Everyone!
(Sorry allemaal, dit wordt er een in het Engels!)

I thinks I've found my favorite book of the year...or books actually. It's a trilogy called (in Dutch) "Een Groene Bloem". They haven't translated it into English yet. (a shame if you ask me) but I think the title would be "A Green Flower" or something like that...  They are written by Floortje Zwigtman (pseudonym for the Dutch writer Andrea Oostdijk) and translated in a few other languages.

And before you ask, no, these aren't the only books I've read between July and now. Just saying.

(and before you really start, if you’ve read my ‘Girl Online’ and 'Paper Towns' review from February and July you probably recognize a few things I wrote in that post in this one.. sorry about that! But it just means that I thought the same things about both books...And I can be lazy sometimes)

If you haven’t read the book yet and you’re planning to read it, DON’T READ THE REST OF THIS POST!!!! ( not that many spoilers but hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you).

For those who continue reading this, WELCOME and enjoy this! 
Let me know if you guys ( if you read the book already) thought the same things and what your favorite moments in the story were. And if you haven’t read the book but are planning to, after reading this blogpost, what changed your mind? Tell me! I really wanna know 

Finally, I want to say that this won’t be a boring book report but an insight (in case you haven’t realized) in what I felt when I read the book and what my favorite moments were.

About the book itself



(mirror boy)

(a green flower)

The first three covers are the ones I read ( each is one book of the series). The last cover is the cover of the omnibus (which is over 1000 pages)

If you haven't read the back of the book or the book itself it's hard to imagine what it's about based on the cover of the book. But once you read the book you will understand why she chose those covers.

The story =  This next part won’t be straightforward ( sorry to all my teachers :p ) but a concurrence(? I don’t know if this is the right word) of all my thoughts and feelings… sorry about that! )

About a month ago I went to the bookshop with a friend of mine and I saw the book there in the Omnibus form. The little part on the back was very appealing but I didn't like the fact it was a +1600 pages long book. What if I bought it and didn't like it afterwards? So 3 weeks ago I went to the library and took the first book home with me.

And a week later, I went to the library and got the other two books of the trilogy. :p

It was a story that needed al my attention. But man, it wasn't hard at all to keep reading. I started reading the same day but have to admit, I didn't really like the story at the beginning. It was.. how can I put this... different (seems to be the best word to describe  the theme) than other books I've read so far. And I have to say, I was glad there was a legend at the end of the book. There are a lot of characters you get to meet throughout the books and it's hard in the beginning to keep them seperated and to remember who's who. And who's using that name too..... (you just have to read it to get what I mean.

The story itself comes and goes. At some points it was a bit hard to stay focused but that was something that completely disappeared in the last book. That one was just WOW. I seriously couldn't wait to get my book out again and read what was happening with Adrian (the main character) and his friends. It was just an amazing story! And don't get me started on the plottwists, the sarcastic humor and stuff like that or you won't finish this blogpost before midnight XD

The theme... well... the theme... it's something I hadn't read in a book yet. On fanfiction sites the theme is more occuring. If you haven't guessed already what the theme could be, here it is; Gay culture in London in the 19th - 20th century.

Adrian Mayfield is, like I said before, the main character of these books. And I have to admit, I've kinda fallen in love with him! In a - OMG LOVE THAT CHARACTER - way...

But I'll stop here XD otherwise it will be a review of 5-6 pages long XD

My favorite moments in het 3 books (not in that order)

* The first one is not a "I love this!" moment in the books. It's the start of the first case against Oscar Wilde. I don't know why but that part always stayed with me. It's brilliant how the writer got Adrian in the hearing. And yes, I can imagine that there was a guy who was there as a starting journalist.

* When Vincent told Adrian he loved him. Now that was a great moment! And really an I LOVE IT moment!

* Adrian's first customer, Thomas.... It was weird, okay?

* Everything and I mean EVERYTHING that had to do with Trops!

* Well actually... that first time Adrian & Trops met... yes, that was weird too... (I just hadn't read tat kind of genre yet, okay?)

* The part where Adrian dressed up like a girl and crashed the party :D #memorable

* When Adrian and Lady Kinderly kinda attacked Vince in Paris... That woman/guy just gives me the creeps... honestly

* Gloria.

* When Vincent & Adrian had those little moments alone

* Terry!!!!!!!!

and 10.000 other moments XD

Voila, that's it for this week!
Untill next time!


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