Thursday 24 August 2017

Things you actually learn at College/Uni

Hey guys!

I know, it's almost (or already) that time of the year again. Back to school.

For me this was (and still is) not the most fun day of the year. You feel like you've just got used to your summer eat-work-party-sleep rhythm and need at least until the end of the first quarter to get used to the going to school part. Or so you tell yourselves.

Being in college for the past 4 years now, I actually learned a bunch of stuff. Besides the actually reading material that is. And even though my first 3 years were rough (I had a lot of bad grades and stuff like that), my fourth year was great. I finally found something that suited me. This past year, I had classes on thuesday and thursday and the rest of the week to do my internship at my local library.
But I'm not writing this post to bore all of you with my past year (unless you want me to, email me!)

This post is for everyone who starts ( or has started in) college/Uni this year :) Here's a list of things you actually will learn!

1) You will learn to sleep when you have the time, wherever you are. I personally learned to take a nap on the train home (or to school in the morning at 6.30 am) with my headphones on/in. I even learned to wake up at just the right time so I wouldn't miss my stop.

2) Drinking is something you will learn too. Unless you're a musician like me, then you will teach others how to drink like you :p. Little tip, if a guy thinks he can drink more, just drink him under the table...he will shut up.(only do this if you're a) a musician or b) confident you can do this and c) either are willing to go out with him at some point during your first year or have a enemy for the rest of your years in college.)

3) How to rely on train, bus and other public transport methods to go where you want to go. Don't walk. Use the public way! You can even meet someone new on that bus ;)

4) Rain can be fun. It can be, I promise you. Enjoy it.

5) The friends you make in college/ at Uni are FOREVER. You will not be able to miss them for longer than a few months after you left college. Believe me.

6) You will always be exploring new places! If you, like me, chose a big city over your little home town, you will have the time of your life. Go out, explore. Play some pokemon go.

7) Sunny days in the middle of a snowy december? Wear sunglasses! It doesn't only look cool, your eyes will thank you.

8) Always order the cheapest thing you can find or at least keep an eye on your budget. I learned this the hard way. Being wednesday, going to starbucks for my daily latte, buy it and after that have no money for lunch. Be smart kids.

9) You will learn how to read a book in class. If you chose a course with a lot of people, you will have a crowded classroom from time to time. If it's boring but you don't want to miss a thing. Bring a book, take a pencil in your hand. look up from time to time... It will all work out.

10) You also will learn how to be very subtle with your phone. Never EVER put it in your pencil case = aka tooooooo loud! Be sure to always put it on silent!

11) Something else I learned the hard way; watching "fails of the week" is not the best idea in a classroom. It's just too funny. Train your pokerfaces!

12) Single? You will see hot guys everywhere! Deal with it. Because they are all taken. I'm serious.

13) Be nice to your teachers. Don't buy them stuff but just a simple hello when you walk by them will make them nice to you during class = less chance he/she will pick you for a difficult question.

14) If you're tired, just skip class (if that's possible). You won't be paying attention anyway so why would you irritate your fellow students & teacher? Go home, go to the park, sit in the school library and watch Glee for all I care.

15) How to look & act less hung over after a night of partying. Water, water, water, water, water and a big old coffee in the morning should do the trick ( Drink the first 3 when you get home, splash the fourth in your face the next morning and take the fifth with you to school)

16) Back to number 9, how to read a book. Now we add the part of how to look interested. Keep that pencil in your hand and look up from time to time, nod, act like you're writing something down ( be sure to have your textbook open in front of you) and continue reading your book.

17) Same thing like 16 & 9, but instead of reading a book, take an assignment from another class with you and work on that. A laptop works best for doing something like this. Don't forget to look up from time to time!

18) Last but not least, learn your ears & brain to focus on words or phrases like "Exams" , "I probably will ask this on the exam", "this is very important", "I see that some of you are writing this down, very good", "Maybe this will be a question...". If you're reading your book, your mind will be listening to the teacher but only "alarm" you when one of these words or phrases are said out loud. I know this sounds crazy but it actually works.

I really hope college will be fun for you. It is (and will probably be) the best years of my life. Of course it has its ups and downs but with the right attitude, friends and a enough spare time, you will be just fine!

And one last tip: Don't forget to take a break from time to time. Listen to some music, hang out with old friends, go on vacation. Enjoy your life while you still can!


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