Thursday 10 August 2017

Top 10 travel essentials

Hy guys!!

This post is something I wanted to do for a while now. 
And after I asked you guys on twitter, I just had to sit down and write it!

(don't mind the picture, I don't have a good space to take pictures like this)
MY TOP 10 TRAVEL ESSENTIALS (for when I go on holiday for more than 1 week)

1) My Camera, a Nikon D200

I love taking pictures, I really do. So I can't leave my camera behind for a vacation where I know I'm going to see things that I can't get with my Iphone camera.
Here are 2 of my favorite photo's from last vacation :

(Maillane, July 2017 - Newzik)
I really prefer taking pictures of people over animals or scenery. 
Especially musicians & little kids are my favorites.

Go check out the rest on my facebook page!

(Graveson, July 2017 - fête de St. Aloi)

2) My Nintendo DS and Gamboy Color

Nothing more boring than sitting in a car for 10h with nothing to do. So I bring along my nintendo and my gameboy. Both are a bit worn but still work fine.
My favorite games? Pokémon (gameboy) and Professor Layton (Nintendo)

3) A Quiz book. (the one with the 4 faces on)

For when I'm just bored by the pool and want something else to do besides lying in the sun & reading.

4) My external charger/powerbank

I use my phone A LOT. And because of it, it's battery is not in the greatest condition. It goes to 20% 2 times a day when I don't watch out. 
This charger I go for my birthday a few years ago. It can recharge my phone 3-4 times.

5) Books!

I love taking an old school paperback with me on holidays. Ofcourse I don't bring the heaviest books with me but nothing is wrong with some Harry Potter during holidays. + You can actually read them with sunglasses on IN the sun...

6) My tablet

...something you can't do with this one. I have over 100 books on my tablet to read in the car or at night. As I said, out in the sun it's really hard to read a book on a tablet!

7) Sunglasses

Just because. I actually took 2 pair on holiday with me. One pair for in and around the pool, another for daily activities. Both are from Montana

8) Ipod touch

Again an old little device. I only use it for listening to music. It has 16gb (wich is becoming a problem because I have a lot of music) but still works AMAZING. (mine is an older model but this is the closest one.

9) Sony speaker

We rent a little house when we're on vacation and often want to listen to music. My sony speaker can hold my Ipod Touch and charge it when it's plugged in. It has an amazing sound too.

10) USB Port for the car

As I told you, I need to recharge my phone a lot. And tbh, I really like playing pokemon go when we're in traffic :p So I have my double USB port for the car with me when I'm going somewhere that has a) a lot of pokemon stops b) no wifi and c) places to take amazing pictures.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this little insight in my travel essentials! 

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