Thursday 29 June 2017

A Milli Magawhat?

Hy guys!

First things first, I finally made a twitter account for my blog! If all goes well, this blogpost should automatically apear on there when I post it :D

Go check it out! -> @BGWD_Blog

And because of twitter, I got in touch with a lot of new bloggers. Some already have a whole empire build round their blogs, others are just starting.

One of those new bloggers is Kimmie, 27 yo founder of a new magazine called "A Milli Magazine"... And now I hear everyone's brain going : A Milli whatnow? Never heard of it.

A Milli Magazine actually started off as a wild impulse caused by a walk in Walmart. About that walk in Walmart, Kimmie told me the following:
"While walking around Walmart, I saw a tweet for an article from a reputable publication saying 
"Dont count on Millennials to save the West"

And that's when she got the idea to create a place for the Millennials, the boys and girls like herself (and me for that matter) who get blamed for ridiculous things.

Yes, we all know there's a hazing going on all over the world. People get older but there are less births nowadays. That's basic demographics. But that doesn't mean that we, the Millennials are to blame for everything that will happen because of that. We can't help the fact that our parents, the Babyboom generation, didn't "produce" enough so to say. Neither can they.

That's why Kimmie started A Milli Magazine. The place for Millennials to show their efforts so they can be seen and be appreciated.  A place where she, as someone who suffers from Depression, Anxiety and PTSD, can have a positive outlet.

And for me, this is one of the greatest ideas a Millennial has come up with. (well, that and curing cancer that is.) I love the idea of joining a group, to have a place where all of us can work with like minded people who love to create content for others to see. Who love to name 3 little pigs, who just randomly walk over a bridge, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Ms. Pink (those where Kimmie's choice :p ). People who are not afraid to write about what they believe in and want to be remembered by. And that's what being a Millennial is all about.

I hope I did A Milli Magazine justice by talking about it in my blog this week. And I really hope that you guys, Millennials and others, will take the time to go and check out her place by clicking this link:


see you guys next week :)

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