Thursday 16 November 2017

20 Dating app categories and how to get rid of them

Hy guys! 

We probably all have been on them or are still on them, Dating apps. Tinder, Badoo, Parship, Happn, Once,.... we all know them. But on those apps, there are a lot of people. And not all of them are the smooth talkers we would like to talk to. So, we had a fun time collecting these 20 categories of people we met on dating apps :). And, as an extra, a great way to get rid of them!

The DP-senders
Also known as the D*ck pic senders. Apparently it's a common thing on dating apps, guys who send a picture of junk to a girl. To this day, we still don't now why and if there are girls who do this too...

Now, if you want to get rid of those guys there is one simple way: SCREENSHOT & threaten them to share that picture on Social Media. 

After two questions, nothing in common
A friend of mine had the following experience: he was talking to a girl and she said to him (after they shared 2 questions) that it wouldn't work, they had nothing in common... Now, I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure you can't know someon after two questions.

It's not required to get rid of you. If, however, you are experiencing someon who's (for instance) rude, you can use this trick yourself!

The Right-Swipes
People who like EVERYONE. I had a guy like this once. I was curious why he liked me. Turns out he just like everyone first, after the like he checked if they would match or not. 

You can't get rid of those people, they will get rid of you. But if you have the chance, try to make them feel worse about they way they work on a Dating app. Tell them this:

Celeb users
This is a category that isn't that frequent on Dating apps but it's also a hard one to spot. People who use pictures of celebrities are just wrong. But they are hard to spot if you don't know the celeb. I once encountered a guy who used a picture of Colton Haynes as his profile picture. First of all, Colton is gay (and recently married) and the guy used another name. 

How to get rid of them? At first don't like them...if you already have, call them out for a liar. #liarliarpantsonfire

Looking for some excitement too?
I'm sorry, what? = my standard reaction to these things. Guys have the bad habbit to think you're only on a dating app to have sex. I mean, come on. Really?


The sarcasts
Not someone who did this to me, but that's the category I put myself in. People who are just sarcastic. I had a guy once who didn't read my profile and asked me something stupid. I answerd with a very sarcastic line :p 

To get rid of them...meh, just read there profiles!!! 

The icebreakers & pick-up liners
Guys and gals who start conversations with senteces like: "hey, do you know how much a Polar Bear weighs?" or "Is there an airport nearby; or is that my heart taking off?"

either you like them or you don't. If not, A) ignore them B) answer with an emberassing/rude thing.

The cat & dog profiles
We get it, pictures of cute kittens and puppies are fun and very attractive. But if those are the only pictures with his/her name...

Ignore them. Kittens and pups are cute but everyone can put those on his/her profile.

Clearly did not read my profile
I just hate it when people ask me questions that are obiously answered in my profile. Seriously, read the profile first! 

How to get rid of them: Use the sarcastic way of answering! 

Trying to be funny
There are two ways of funny on Tinder. They guys that try to be funny...

The omg, look at me, I’m funny
And the guys who are funny but actually know they ARE funny. And overuse the fact they know how to make a joke.. or fifthy. 

Really, just ignore. They can be so annoying.

The doorkicker
Aka, the person that says what he's looking for from day one. 

Just make it clear: YES or NO is the only right respons.

The here’s what you’ll get...or not
Guys with a profile where you have no idea what you'll get. Is he even a guy? Nobody knows..
I mean... come on.

Just ignore. don't swipe.

Mommy’s little girl/boy
I once was talking with a guy who suddenly didn't answer. After a few minutes he said his mother came into his room and asked who he was talking to. 
I didn't answer & I didn't hear from him ever again. Pfieuw.

The “keeps on trying”
Hey how are you?
What are you doing?
Are you here?
How was your day?

Ending a text with an x can be cute when you know each other for a while. Not when you send your first message. THAT IS NOT DONE. srsly. NO.

The drunk texter
Guys & Gals who just don't make any sense, mostly because they're drunk.

ignore or send them a message the day after.

The macho/bad boy/loverboy
The guy who's just acting like he's good to be true. 

If you have the feeling he/sh's to good 

The over reacting/jealous type
When you don't answer within the next minute : watch out! They will think you're ignoring them, not interested in them, have someone else....

Really, avoid them. just act like you don't see those messages or make it clear you can't answer right away.

The stealer
The last category: people who steal lines from movies or other (known) dating lines that worked for other people.

Be real: just say that they have to be original, let them know you know they stole that line. 


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