Thursday 14 July 2016

The Top 10

...things I put in my suitcase when I'm going on vacation! (Besides Clothes and stuff like that)

Hy guys!

I recently went to London and when I was packing my suitcase I was thinking of doing a blogpost like this so I could share with you guys what I take with me on holiday.

Of course I take clothes and washing material like a toothbrush and so on with me but those are not the only things in my suitcase!

10) Plastic Sacks! You can use them for dirty clothes, shoes or things you just can't fit in your suitcase when you're going home again :p (thank you mom XD)

9) Paper Tissues! For every time you have a cold :p and you have to catch your nose when he's running XD (again, thank you mom! )

8) Blogbook. I have a little book where I write my blogposts in. It's a new thing in my suitcase and I still keep it hidden from my parents.

7) A PEN! You never know when you will have to write something down!

6) A soft teddybear. I always need something to stick under my arm when I sleep on my belly. I don't know why but I do. And a teddybear is the perfect solution!

5) Selfiestick. Also a new item in my suitcase! Well.. if you don't know what I can use this for... where have you been these past 3 years??

4) Chargers! And mostly powerbanks!!! You need your phone (well, I do) and you never know when you will run out of battery!

3) A good book :) I'm a reader, you guys know that.

2) My camera :D cause well, still a bit better than my iphone camera

1) Sunglasses. Even if they predict rainstorms and all things like that, take your sunglasses with you! You never know when the sun will shine or when the predictions turn out to be wrong and you have sun all vacation!


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