Thursday 28 July 2016

The Hamilton Tag

Hy guys!
Today I'm doing the Hamilton tag! If you don't know what Hamilton is, watch THIS playlist.
Thanks to Jona for the tag :)

1) How did you find out about Hamilton?

Thanks to James Corden actually! I am I big fan of his Carpool Karaoke's and the Broadway one was just amazing but I'd never heard of Lin before that XD (Sorry Lin! XD)

2) Favorite Character?

Aaron Burr

3) Character you would want to play?

Angelica Schuyler! She has a very interesting personality that actually reminds me of mine

4) Favorite song to listen to?

It's quiet uptown <3 <3 but I actually sing along to that one too.

5) Favorite song to sing along with?

Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, Sir. Those two I know by heart!

6) Part you always mess up when you're singing along?

Not always but sometimes :p

7) Can you rap guns and ships?

Euhm... The normal parts XD The parts that Lafayette sings are still a bit to hard XD

8) Which cast member would you most want to meet?

All of them but most of all Lin and the guy who presents the Cabinet Battle's (I have no idea who that is)

9) Have you seen the show?

No, I don't have a private jet or $1000 to spare at the moment :/

10) Have you read the book?

Again, not yet!

11) Favorite line in the show?

'I'm a general weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' XD

12)Five words to describe the show?

Have not seen it yet.


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