Thursday 25 August 2016

Pokémon Tag

Hy guys!

this week I did the pokémon tag :D


1) who is your favorite Pokemon?
Growlithe, without a doubt!

2) favorite Fire type Pokemon?
Vulpix, Flareon or Ponyta althoug I like Fennekin, Houndour and Litleo too! Litleo reminds me of Simba from the Lion King

3) favorite Ice type Pokemon?
The good old Dewgong :)

4) favorite Grass type Pokemon?
In the games I enjoyed playing with Sceptile and Meganium..; So one of those two :)

5) favorite Poison type Pokemon?
This is a hard one! I would go with Nidoran but I do like Ariados, Roselia and Arbok too!!!

6) Favorite Normal type Pokemon?
Persian, Pidgeot, Eevee, Ditto... And 30 more XD you know what? I pick Ditto! So I can have them all :D

7) Favorite Flying type Pokemon?
I already picked Pidgeot in the previous one...soooo Charizard!

8) Favorite Dark type Pokemon?
Umbreon & Absol although I do love a good Mightyena! 

9) Favorite Steel type Pokemon?
Lucario !

10) Favorite Fighting type Pokemon?

11) Favorite Ground type pokemon?
Sandlash :D

12) Favorite Bug type Pokemon?
Scyther :p

13) Favorite Water type Pokemon?

14) Favorite Physic type Pokemon?

15) did you know that there was that many types of pokemon?
Yes I did

16) Which Pokemon scares you the most?
Why do I have to be scared of a pokemon? If I'm scared I never can become a pokémaster

17) have you ever had a dream/nightmare of Pokemon?
Yes I did.

18) what do you think of the new Black & White Pokemon?
They're amazing but not as amazing as the original 150!!!

19) which Pokemon is the cutest?

20) A Zangoose invades your home, what do you do?
Hope he knows the Ice Beam move so we can make ice cream :D

21) you're in the park and a Lillipup walks up to you and whimpers because he is hungry... what do you do?
Give Lillipup the half of my sandwich and take him hope to give him more food :D

22) if you were drowning in water, who would you want more to help you: a Floatzel or Lady Hydra?
Both are fine :) But maybe the Floatzel is handier because, well, he has paws.

23) you arrive to school/college and you see that there is a Rattata in your backpack, how would you react?
Ask my teacher if he could sit with me the rest of the day.

24) you find a small group of Nidoran living in your basement, how do you react?

25) you see a Dratini sleeping in your bed, what do you do?
Cuddle up next to it? DUH

26) a Minccino is hungry and it begs for food from you... what do you do?
Give it the other half of my sandwich!

27) a Drilbur wants to race you... you running on land and him digging underground... do you accept?
Are you crazy? NO!

28) a Vulpix is all snuggled up in your bed, sleeping... do you let it sleep or do you kick it out?
Let it sleep, cuddle up next to it and hope it won't set my bed on fire

29) you are fishing and you catch a fish... then you see a hungry Oshawott... would you give the fish to him?
Cath another fish and give the first one to him... and the second one too

30) did you know that you have 20 more questions left?
Yes I did...

31) you find a Pikachu in your pile of clothes... what do you do?
*Happy Dance*

32) you see a Piplup in your freezer... what do you do?
Hug it and hope it will stay there!

33) a Squirtle wants to swim in your pool/lake, do you allow him to do so?
Of course! *POOL PARTY!!!*

34) a Buizel finds an item very precious to you in the water... how do you thank him?
Give him a hug and food!

35) can you guess how long this tag took to write?
Tooooo Damn long!

36) you find a Clamperl... do you take it's pearl?
No, that's stealing.

37) a Lickitung wants some food... do you give some to it?

38) you are caught in a lightning storm, and a Blitzle offers to protect you from the lightning bolts that may or may not appear... do you accept and give him something in turn, and if so, what would you give him?
Of course I do. I give him some of my picknick :)

39) you accidently step on a Pineco and it gets mad at you... what do you do?

40) do you know that you have only 10 more questions left?
Yes.. pitty!

41) you are wondering in the desert and come to a small oasis, and you see a Panpour... how do you ask for it to give you a spray of water to quench your thirst for water?
Ask politely and give some food in return

42) a giant Snoralax blocks you from entering your house... how do you move it?
Play the flute.. or the saxophone :D you never know it will work!

43) a Pidove keeps annoying you with it's "Pidove" call... do you ask to stop, or do you take action, and if so, what do you do?
I try to catch it and if that doesn't work, shut my window and put earpluggs in.

44) are you ready for questions about Legendary Pokemon?

45) you see a Reshiram appear in front of you and releases a mighty roar, how would you react?
Run, RUN LIKE THE WIND(unless I have a great pokémon with me... Then I would stay)

46) a Delibird offers you food, do you accept it?
I'm not sure....

47) an Entei appears in front of you and it doesn't look hostile... do you pet it or run away?
Pet it! (and hope it doesn't burn my hand XD)

48) a Zekrom offers to zap 5 enemies of yours... what 5 people do you tell him to zap?
oh boy... My old bullies!

49) Latios and Latias challenges you to a race... do you accept? XD

50) was this pretty fun to fill out, and on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being really bad), how bad do you want me to make more questions?

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