Thursday 11 August 2016

Top 20

elements that make a TV show an AMAZING serie!

Hy guys!

I'm a big fan of TV Shows and I'm always looking for a great one I can watch when all the others are on a break. Like right now :D
My bingewatch show right now is Beauty and the Beast and I love it!
Because it has (almost) everything a great tv show has to have in my opinion  :p

If you're a developer and you're about to make a new tv show, read this.


1) A love Triangle

Cause COME ONE XD (aka number 10).
Love triangles are just a must in a tv show. And don't tell me you don't agree. Just think about it. Name 1 tv show there is not or there wasn't a love triangle at some point. They make or break the show, trust me! (Especially if the girl ends up with the guy the audience didn't want her to end up with.). A love square is good too :p

2) An actor/actress you know from other series

Know the feeling when you are watching a new show and you're like : "Hey! I know that guy! That's... from.... ! I loved that show!" Well, imagine if you didn't know 1 (guest) actor or actress that appeared on the show...
Yeah yeah, okay, you get to enjoy new ones but the connection with the show is just a lot better when you know at least one or two actors from another show.

3) Hot guy(s)

Or girls, take your pick :p But hey, we need those! *Drool Drool*

4) Something scientific/fantasy ...ish

Why do you think every show like House MD, Bones, The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Suits... is so successful? I'll tell you why: Because they have something you want to be able to do! You've dreamt about helping people, save lives, find the cure for a yet to be discovered disease, want to have to power to remember everything you read (Hello exams!),.....

These shows focus on things people have dreamt of their whole life.

5) Someone with a British accent

British people are just the best. Admit it, NOW.

6) Chick Flick moments

At least for some people. I chose Chick Flick moments because I just love the Happy Ever After thing. And the stereotype knight in shining armor, date, .... If you're fan of this sort of thing, you know what I mean.

7) Awkward Moments

Remember those moments in Harry Potter (you should!) where Hagrid tells the Trio something and then goes: "Should not have said that!" ? I'm talking about those awkward moments. Moments when you, the person who watches the show goes : " woops XD "or " uh oow"

8) OMG moments

This moment has two sides... A good OMG moment and a bad OMG moment.

The good one is when something happens on the show you didn't expect but really like! Like a suprise proposal (but that's actually number 9 on this list) or when the main character turns out to be pregnant.

The bad one on the other hand is when you finally find out who is behind the stuff that happend (what actually resembles to number 19 on this list) or something happens and you're not happy about it. Like a character you really like dies.

9) OMG Finally! moments

Do I have to say more about this? I think it's clear I mean moments like a kiss between the two characters with the biggest chemistry.... duh.

10) OH COME ON moments

When that kiss (from number nine) gets interrupted by someone for the fifth time in a row.

11) Hilarious moments

Something really funny happens. Or you read the title of the episode and you go, omg XD

12) Life lessons

The lesson I learned from Beauty and The Beast : Never, EVER, piss off a DA. & The roof is a great place to have a date.

13) Nightmare moments

I don't have to explain this one, do I?

14) Ooooooooooooooohhhhhh moments

See numbers 8,9 and the next one, number 15 :)

15) Melt moments <3

The cutest proposal, the birth of their first child, a puppy, kitten... Take your pick <3

16) A nerd

Cause, why not???

17) A bad guy you have to love

#BeenthereDonethat. For every one of you who has seen TVD, you know what I mean.

18) A weird relationship you did NOT see coming

The Cop and the Nerd, the dad who has an affair, the age difference....

19) A plottwist

Something you did NOT see coming from 5 episodes away. Mostly happens in a season finally but hey, you can't blame them :p They have to make sure you will keep watching.

And last but not least
20) A girl falls for the bad guy but in the end ends up with the right one - moment

A Show classic. She falls for the right guy and then they have to break up because of something and after the break up she runs into the arms of the bad guy and so one.
Or she started the show with the bad guy who was already cheating on her ( see 2 Broke Girls) and at after a while finds the right one...

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