Thursday 18 August 2016

The Music Tag

Hy guys!

It's me and Shannona again with another tag :D


Favorite number of all times
S: According to my phone it's Ocean Princess - Thomas Bergersen:
M: If I had to look on my phone it wouldn't show my favorite of all times... same with my itunes... so I'm going with my gut and say Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

What number(s) would you like them to play on your funeral?
S: Sound the bugle - Bryan Adams:
M: Here I am - Bryan Adams: not the original but the Spirit version!!!!!
Story of My Life - 1D - Cover by The Piano Guys
and last but not least : Letters from the sky - Civil Twilight

What song would you like as opening number at your wedding? Or if you're already married, what was it?
S: Stand by you - Rachel Platten:
M: I have no idea at all. Really depends on who I'm going to marry... + All the songs I can think of are so sad! ... Okay maybe I found one : Made of Stars - Hovi Star

What is your most played song at the moment?
S: Miss Jackson - Panic! At the disco:
M: If I look in my Itunes, it says Hey Jack - Carrotsquare

Most overrated artist?
S: ...Justin Bieber obviously
M: What she said.

Most underrated artist?
S: Icon For Hire:
M: I could say Carrotsquare again but I'm gonna go with Oh Wonder :D we will hear great things from them! I know itn they are on their way to become big!!! :D

Who was your idol when you were young?
S: In the good old days it was Kim Lian:
M:In those same good old days it was Bryan Adams for me :p

Do you still buy CD's ?
S: No, unless if it's as a present for somebody else.
M: No but I sometimes rent one from the library.

Favorite break up song?
S: One Woman Army - Porcelain Black (I kinda like to listen to it all the time, no break up needed :P ) :
M: 7 Things - Miley Cyrus ( I mean, come on XD nothing beats that!)

Favorite music to dance to?
S: Gangnam style - Psy:
M: Allez! Ola! Olé! - Jessy Matador

Favorite music for a workout?
S: I'll make a man out of you - Mulan:
M: Cuba 2012 (DJ Rebel StreetDance 2 Remix)- Latin Formation! It's a workout on its own!

What number makes you happy?
S: 10.000 luchtballonnen - K3 *runs away in shame*
M: Secret Mission - Galavant (WATCH THE CLIP!!!!)

Song with an instant summer feeling?
S: Caribbean Blue - Enya (the title says enough) :
M: Et sa bouge - Soul Brothers

Favorite youtube artists,
- Bri Ray (
- Peter Hollens (
- Evynne Hollens (
- Adrisaurus (
- Erutan Music (
To name a few :)
M: oh boy... To name a few XD
- Peter & Evynne (see above :p )
- Sam Tsui
- Kurt Hugo Schneider
- Tyler Ward
- Todrick Hall
- Conor Maynard

Do you follow shows like 'The Voice, Idol..."?
S: Nope, unless I see a video pass by on Facebook
M: No, I don't.... + What she said :p

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