Monday 18 December 2017

Blogmas day 18: My Letter to Santa

Dear Santa

When I was five, I got a cat for my birthday. A beautifull black, green-eyed kitten from my grandparents litter. She was the love of my life untill she passed away last year at the age of sixteen. During those years I had my forst boyfriend, lost both of my grandfathers and my grandmother on one side and had a lot of rejections and bad days. Especially the 25th of october 2016. The day I had
to leave my little black beauty at the vets(I didn’t give her one last hug which I still regret untill this very moment) and come home to my mom telling me she had to go back to the hospital for another round of surgery and Chemo.

So all I wish for this year is a little love in my life. From my parents, friends, family AND my knight in shining armour. Please Santa, send some true love my way for a change.


M. X

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