Friday 22 December 2017

Blogmas day 21: 5 ways to a perfect Christmas Dinner

Hy guys!

Today I'm sharing 5 tips for a perfect Christmas dinner.
Christmas is (for me) a family holiday. Everyone gets around the table, gives gifts, eat, some sing songs,.... It's my favorite time of year. It gets dark early, the fire is on, every tv station sends out the best Christmas movies (still haven't seen my fav yet though),....

So my first tip is to order our Christmas gifts soon. But really soon. Like March soon. Seriously. You don't want to have to order every single one of them a week before Christmas. It doesn't end well.

Second tip, go buy your food a the local shops! You'll help the self-employed and products are (mostly) better. But again, BE EARLY. Or at least give your order early so they can get your order ready for Christmas Eve. 

Third tip: Decorations are fun but don't go overboard. It will ruin a lot of things... Like the time you could use to prepare dinner. And we don't want to end up like Bonnie Wheeler now do we? 

4, DON'T go looking on the internet for perfect dinner settings, food, stuff like that. It will ruin your evening because you'll think it's not good enough. 

and Finally, have yourself a merry Little Christmas.  Go have fun, sing, dance and celebrate!


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