Monday 11 December 2017

Blogmas day 9: If I would be Santa

Hy guys!

Today I'm gonna share with you what I would do if I would be Santa. Later this month I will share with you what I would do if I would be an elve. :)

If I would be Santa for a day, I would, first of all, give all my elves a day off. They work hard all year around and they really deserve more breaks from time to time. Next up, I would look for someone who can fill my shoes when I'm old and not able to be Santa anymore. Now I still have the time to teach someone younger how to be Santa and manage all those reindeer.
After that, I would ask my wife to prepare a huge dinner for all my employees and their families so they can enjoy a Christmas meal before they have to work on Christmas.
Last of all (please don't throw me in jail for this), I would make a package with "how to rule America the right way - for dummies" and drop it off at the white house. Donald could learn a thing of two..thousand.


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