Thursday 16 June 2016

The Winner Takes it all (2)

Hy guys!

It's that time of ..euhm...season? again! Dancing with the stars season 22 has finished about a month ago and I thought it was time to do the same blogpost I did last year with my friend Shannona (Click here to read it) and revisit some of our personal favorite moments from this season.

I told you guys last time that Dere Hough was my favorite pro... well, you can imagine(if you followed the show) how devestated I was when I heard he wouldn't compete this season. VERY. So ofcourse, the fan girl I am, I rooted for his best friend and my second favorite, Mark Ballas. And boy, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close! But I'm really glad for Mark that he finally got to the finals again! He was, like always, very creative with dances and costumes but you could see that he didn't really go all out this time. A bummer but maybe that was a good thing. (maybe that's also the reason he didn't get to do a contemporary this time...)

And before you asked, if Mark would have ended up with someone I didn't like or he didn't do great on the show, I wouldn't have voted for him. Just saying

Here's the link to what we thought would have made a great cast :p maybe next season :


1) The couple that was voted off too soon
S: Mischa & Artem

M: Wanyá and Lindsay.

2) Favorite Dance
S: Paige & Alan’s salsa in week 2

M:This is the hardest one yet... I'm doubting between these two :

3) Favorite move

S: I can’t choose! Nyle & Peta trashing the camp :P 

or Wanyá & Lindsay being lions XD

M: The floor-bouncing at 2.34 -2.40 

4) Favorite Dance Style (last time and now)
S: last time: Tango; now: Quickstep

M: Last time: Contemporary, Now: Argentine Tango

5) Favorite dance in this times style
S: Antonio & Sharna in the first week

M: Ginger and Val, week 8 -LOVE the song!

6) Favorite Chemistry
S: Val & Ginger :D (and Adrian) XD 

M: Paige & Alan. DUH

7) Favorite Groupdance
S: Team Beyoncé

M: The girls were amazing but I'm going to pick the guys for this one :) #lovethesong

8) Favorite Freestyle
S: Paige & Mark’s freestyle in the finale

M: Paige and Mark! although, Peta's and Nyle's is a very close second!

9) Favorite Triodance
S: Nyle, Peta & Jenna's Trio

M: Paige, Mark & Alan :p

10) Best Costume
S:  Paige & Mark in week 3

M: Nyle, week 6 :p (and mark shoe's on week 6 XD)

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