Thursday 30 June 2016

He didn't tell me! #storytime

Hi guys!

I've been thinking of writing this post for the past days but I couldn't find the words to make it it readable for you guys.

Also, the person this is about doesn't know I feel this way and that I'm writing this down for a blogpost. I'm not even sure he knows I have blog... 

I' won't use names or places or even dates of when and where. If all goes well only my dearest friends will know who I'm talking about and I would like to keep it that way. 

And before you judge after reading a part of the story where I make  kind of a big deal out of it; I just needed to share it with you guys to get it of my chest. Just like I wrote the post about the attacks on our airport and the ones in France (in Dutch)

Don't judge, just let me tell my story how I want. Thank you xxx

It all started in the 4th year of High School when a new boy arrived in our class. I was 15 and just had my first relationship with a boy for like a month. So yeah, still kinda new at the whole "boy thing". 

A year later we did our first schoolproject together and I (to be honest) got smitten. We became good friends and when I had some difficult times with my former group of friends (I will tell you about that another time) I even was spending my lunchbreaks with him and his friends. But no, we never dated or something like that. Via via I even heard he'd said he wasn't interested in me in 'that way'. 

But we stayed good friends over the years and talked from time to time about a lot of things. Even though we didn't see each other often. The longest we spent apart (without seeing each other) was 3 years. We kept talking on Facebook and I kinda was hoping that maybe 'us' would still have a shot years after High School...

But boy, I was wrong! XD 

No I didn't ask him, he didn't ask me either. But when I got on Swarm a while ago I noticed some things on his account that got me confused...

He spent a lot of time with a boy (whom I hadn't heard of) and had what I thought were sleepovers... but that wasn't the weird part. There were harts with those check-ins and that's when it kinda hit me...

The boy I had a crush on, one of my best friends, the guy I gave girl advice (!) the past 4 years, was gay! And I had no idea!

Now I look back on it, I'm shocked that I didn't see this comming earlier! I was a bit mad to be honest. Not at the fact that he was gay or that had a boyfriend I didn't hear about for the past 2 months but on the fact that he hadn't told me earlier.

Funny enough, I met him and his boyfriend a while ago and it was his boyfriend who told me the whole story the same evening XD. I texted him on my way home and told him to tell me sooner about stuff like this next time. He told me he was sorry because he didn't know how to tell me. 

But I'm glad I now know the truth and I'm really happy for them. I really hope that I'll see them again soon so we can talk more and I can get to know the new man in his life :) 

So actually, the "moral" of the story is that you can't rush friends to tell you everything and to give them time to tell you. They will, on their own time. Don't give up hope on a long lost love, even if they aren't into you they can make great friends. Try to become friends with the friends of those best friends, they will make great friends too! 

And last of all: Gays, and especially drunk gay friends, are the best friends you can have.

I love gays :) 


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