Wednesday 4 May 2016

12 Reasons we don't believe they can't find Hooks soul

Based on Greek Mythology and the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan. 

Hy everyone!

So, if you haven't seen the latest episode of OUAT yet DON'T READ THIS. #SPOILERALERT

We all were in tears when Emma had to leave Hook, weren't we? But we ( my friend Naomi and myself) can't believe that the ambrosia tree is the only thing that was needed for Hook to return to the real world. So we got together and came up with 11 reasons why we can't believe Hook can't return next episode & 1 why he should return!

1) He and Emma were just perfect for each other

2) Ambrosia is the food of the gods but as far as we know, it only heals, it doesn't return ones soul to ones body

3) The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice states that Orpheus played so beautifully on his lyre, Hades agreed to release Eurydice. The only condition was that Orpheus couldn't look behind him before they both left the underworld (#walkingout!)

4) And an ambrosia tree in the depths of the underworld... srsly guys? #That'sWhereTartarusIs!

5) Ever heard of:
  • The Fields of Punishment 
  • The Fields of Asphodel 
  • Elysium 
  • Isles of the Blessed 
  • Tartarus 

okay yes, the last two are not so likely to contain Hooks soul. But nothing stopped them from looking for it in the other three...

6) The river of Souls? As far as we know there are 5 rivers in the Underworld :
  • The Styx (Hatred)
  • The Acheron (Pain)
  • The Lethe (Forgetfulness) 
  • The Phlegethon (Fire)
  • The Cocytus (Wailing) 

Okay fine, you also have Oceanus but that's actually a Titan. And to be completely right, souls need to drink from the Lethe (according to some myths) before they can be reincarnated.

7) Go looking for the Golden Fleece and heal the tree!

8) Ever heard of digging a hole, chanting in Greek and feeding the soul you want Root Beer and Cheesburgers? #ReadPercyJackson !

9) There are ways to WALK out of the Underworld. #BackToOrpheus

10) There is a River of Souls (According to OUAT).... Rings a bell...anyone?

11) Ask the gods of Olympus! If Hades is alive, why not them?

12) Killian is a PIRATE... maybe:

  • he did something good and Poseidon can get him out of there
  • he can hijack Charon's boat ? Again, PIRATE! 
And yes... I think we stated our points.

N & M Out.


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